Patrick Bongoy

b. 1980 Kinshasa, DR Congo, currently lives and works in Cape Town

Patrick Bongoy’s sculptural works use discarded materials, such as rubber and industrial packaging, to comment on the degradation of society and its natural resources.

My work speaks in response to the global reality of literal and figurative environmental pollution. This encompasses the entire spectrum from the erosion of economic viability for people, socio- cultural decay impacting on community and individual behaviour and natural rural and urban landscape.

I draw on the history of my roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the irony of contemporary urban degradation masked as development.

Through the recovery of waste materials such as inner tubes from vehicle tyres, industrial packaging and textiles combined with my use of paint and African fabric, I repurpose and reinterpret what others discard. Beyond the intentional recycling element of this process, the visual concepts I explore surface a range of the pertinent issues. Additional sculpted objects are superimposed on these layered backgrounds, which I create as a foundational canvas. This is also a visual referencing of some of the many laborious tasks undertaken by women in my country, in order to make ends meet.

I try to understand how the deterioration of natural and urban settings mirrors the visible rotting, displayed in the behaviour and habits of the population. Deprivation evidently continues to recreate further misery and desperation.

Although my work reflects a kind of beauty, it also describes the destruction of a place and a people where ethical values have been poisoned or fallen away, infecting human morality and dignity. The aftermath of several violent conflicts has created a nightmarish atmosphere where people relive those moments in an extreme state of vulnerability and resignation to this state of affairs.

My painted figures, always in silhouette, with their deformed limbs and precarious stances, twist and turn in such spaces. They evoke a sense of uncontrolled or dynamic movement captured in a disjointed moment, as if their bodies are mid-execution of a questionable act.
However, the internal versus external appearances and perspectives – what is seen in contrast to what is understood, becomes the site of re-imagination and unforeseen possibilities.

Art Education

2009 Degree in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Kinshasa
2005 State diploma (equivalent to the baccalaureate), Institute of Fine Arts Kinshasa

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Where are we? Where are we going?, Ebony/Curated, Cape Town
2012 BA Paper Collection, Cultural Center Muikka Theatre, Kinshasa
2012 BINGOTO, SADI collective space, Kinshasa

Group Exhibitions

2017 1.54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, UK
2017 Feast your Eyes, Nandos UK, Soho, London
2017 Ebony/Curated booth, Art Africa Fair, Cape Town
2016 What is the matter, Ebony/Curated, Cape Town
2016 That Art Fair, Cape Town
2015 Ebony/Curated, Franschoek, Cape Town
2015 Présence Congolaise, Alliance Française, Cape Town
2013 Fashion show, Central library, Cape Town
2012 Plural Dimension, Center Wallonia-Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Workshops and Performances

2013 Article 15, performance (with Maurice Mbikayi), Symposium, University of Cape Town
2012 Creating paper clothing for BA Paper Collection, Cultural Center Muikka Theatre, Kinshasa
2012 Volunteer for a creative workshop with disadvantaged children and child victims of war, foundation star of Congo (FONECO), SADI collective space, Kinshasa
2012 Workshop for the play Westerly wind (with writer & filmmaker Kap’s Kapambu), SADI collective space, Kinshasa
2012 Photography workshop with Roël Jacobs, Kinshasa Académie of fine art
2011 The awakening of consciousness, performance, 24 November street, Kinshasa
2011 Performance with SADI collective, crossroads Mount Arts, SADI collective space, Kinshasa
2011 Residency, SADI collective space, Kinshasa


Les dépêches de Brazzaville n*1478 p.10 Fifteen paintings done after a residence at the intersection of public space SADI be discovered in the first solo exhibition of the young artist visual arts at Mount
La tempête des tropiques n*4385 p.12 Works of arts presentations of Patrick Bongoy in fair restitution: BI Ngoto
Alerte-plus n*1723 p.5 Zoom BINGOTO, artworks of artist Patrick Bongoy collective SADI


Nandos, UK and South Africa
SADI Collectif, DR Congo

Zemba Luzamba

Zemba Luzamba

b. 1973, Lubumbashi DRC. Lives in Cape Town

Since migrating to South Africa from the Congo, via Zambia, Zemba’s paintings have covered as much ground as he has travelled. Beginning with works that chronicle the hardships experienced by migrants, Zemba went on to produce vivid images of the recreational and leisure spaces occupied by these communities. Other works reflect on Congolese history, not just the acts of big men, but also as experienced by ordinary people. Power relations, between men and women and between social classes, often constitute a critical subtext in his paintings. Remarkable too are his paintings of people performing mundane rituals, existential moments that affirm the artist’s interest in the human condition.


Art Education

1993:Institut Technique d’Art Plastique (ITAP), DRC.
1994-1998: Diploma in Fine Art, Evelyn Hone College of Applied Art & Commerce, Lusaka.

Exhibitions (solo)

2014: Ebony, Cape
2013: La Sape, AVA, Cape Town
2005: Hope for Refugees, Roma, Italy
2004: Association for Visual Art (AVA) Cape Town.

Exhibitions (group)

2016: Beyond Binaries. Essence Festival, Durban
2015: Ebony, Cape Town
2013: Cape Town Art Fair. 1:54 Contemporary African Art, Frieze Art Fair, London. AVA, Cape Town.
2011: Art for Africa Auction, Sotheby’s, New York.
2008: Harare International Festival of Arts, Harare, National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Soul of Africa, Development Bank of South Africa, Johannesburg.
2007: africa south, Association for Visual Art (AVA), Cape Town. Blank Projects, Cape Town. Sanlam Gallery. Baxter Theatre, Cape Town.
2006: A Journey Together, Voyage Ensemble, Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town. Picasso and Africa, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town.
2005: Il Pezo Politico Dei Migranti, Santa Mostre Sangallo, Piacenza, Italy; War, Iziko SA Museum, Cape Town.
2003: Xenophobia, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town.
1996: P.E.L (Agricultural company art patron), Lusaka.
1995: Visual Art Council, Lusaka.


2010:Mario Pissarra “Zemba Luzamba: Migrant Perspectives” Critical Interventions
2005: South African Art Diary.


2009: Nandos, London. 2002: New Royal Hotel, Blantyre, Malawi.


Cultures Inc., California. Scalabrini House (Bassano Del Grappa). Nandos, London. Private collections: Italy, USA, South Africa.


It Is What It Is – Ebony Gallery, Cape Town 2015. Exhibition catalogue.



Migrant Perspectives: The Art of Zemba Luzamba – essay by Mario Pissarra


“Voyage Ensemble, A Journey Together” , Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town 2007. Exhibition booklet.


“Voyage Ensemble, A Journey Together” , Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town 2007. Exhibition booklet.


“Zemba Luzamba merges images with ideas”, CNN African voices, 2018

Maurice Mbikayi

b. Kinshasa, 1974. Lives in Cape Town

Displaying a bold design sensibility Mbikayi skillfully integrates found materials and political themes, producing works that are fresh and startling.

Arts Education

2009 Photography, Vega Photography School, Cape Town
2000 Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Institut des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
1994 Diploma in Fine Art, Institut des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Exhibitions (solo)

2011 Notre Peau, Association for Visual Arts; Centre for African Studies Gallery, University of Cape Town, Cape Town; Villa Arcadia, Hollard Campus, Parktown, Johannesburg
2010 Echoes, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town
2007 Maurice Mbikayi, The Framery Gallery, Sea Point, Cape Town

Exhibitions (group)

2010 Amani Festival, LookOut Hill, Khayelitsha, Cape Town
2009 Artreach in progress, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town
2008 Soul of Africa, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Johannesburg. The art of determination, Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA), National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Human Rights Day, Iziko Slave Lodge, Cape Town. Reconcilliation Day, Iziko Slave Lodge, Cape Town. Blank Projects, Woodstock, Cape Town. Sanlam Gallery, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. X-Cape Circuit, Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town
2006 A Response to Picasso and Africa, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town. A journey together, voyage ensemble, Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town. Portrait, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town. The Framery Gallery, Sea Point


2010 Voices (performance), Spier Contemporary 2010, City Hall, Cape Town. Distant relationships (performance), Mullineux Wine Cellar, Riebeek Kasteel, Cape Town Healing (performance), Festival of cultural diversity, Khayelitsha, Cape Town
2008 Talking Heads, video performance with Magdelena Kunz and Daniel Glaser, Pro Helvetia Swizz Council, Cape Town


The Development Bank of South Africa, Midrand. Hollard Corporate, Johannesburg


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2007 Andrew Mulenga, Artistically brushing out xenophobia in SA, Weekend Post, November 30


2010-2011 The Hollard Creative Exchange Programme, Cape Town and Johannesburg
2007 Best group proposal, Table Mountain Cable Way Station Award


2010 Up and Down (with Steve Bandoma), research project from 2010 Reasons to live in small town, VANSA, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Performance Arts Workshop – Spier Contemporary, Hidding Hall, University of Cape Town.
2010 Portrait, a film documentary for Red Cross Exchange programme, Cape Town. Stroke of genius, workshop facilitator, Bien Donnee Mannor farm, Department of Sport and Cultural Affairs, Department of Trade and Industry, Cape Town
2009 Art therapy workshop for adolecents and elderly, CWD Trauma and Healing Project, Delft, Cape Town
2009 Art therapy workshop for women with HIV/AIDS, CWD Trauma and Healing Project, Delft, Cape Town
2009 Art therapy workshop for children, Lawrence House Shelter, Woodstock, Cape Town
2007 Educational youth programmes (with Kathy Coates), a series of mixed media installations, Iziko South African National Gallery, Annexe, Cape Town. The art of dessent, a film documentary with Lionel Davis, Jonathan Zapiro, Ruth Carneson, Cape Town
2006-2007 Multimediations, Cape Africa Platform (with City Varsity), Cape Town
2006 Facilitator, Art therapy workshop for refugee women and children, Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town


A Creative Exchange

Getting under our skinSuzy Bell, Cape Times January 21, 2011

Maurice Mbikayi Art South Africa 2011

Maurice Mbikayi: The Creative Exchange

“Voyage Ensemble, A Journey Together” , Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town 2007. Exhibition booklet.

“Voyage Ensemble, A Journey Together” , Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town 2006