Front Matter (pdf 3.41MB)
Editorial, Mario Pissarra (pdf 143KB)
Artists of Mozambique: Looking at themselves and at their world, Alda Costa (pdf 2.84MB)
Artistas de Moçambique: Olhando para si próprios e para o mundo, Alda Costa (pdf 2.71MB)
Of and Apart from the People: A close reading of representations of Malangatana in catalogues produced for group exhibitions in Mozambique, 1962-2011, Mario Pissarra (pdf 3.27MB)
Narrating Mozambique: Recent feature films, Ute Fendler (pdf 2.84MB)
Feminist Masquerades and Soccer in the Makonde Plateau, Rui Assubuji (pdf 3.29MB)
My Third Eye: Excerpts from a conversation with Lizette Chirrime, Danielle Becker (pdf 2.53MB)
Maputo: A Tale of One City, Bisi Silva, Marianne Hultman and Daniella Van Dijk-Wennberg (pdf 3.26MB)
Maputo, Uno Pereira (pdf 3.62MB)
Localizar e deslocalizar a Arte em Moçambique a partir da África de Sul e de Portugal, Rafael Bordalo Mouzinho
The Yellow Jersey, Simon Gush (mp4 15.7MB)
Ângela Ferreira: Dispensar ou não dispensar apresentação em Moçambique. Uma conversa entre Alda Costa e Rafael Mouzinho, Alda Costa and Rafael Mouzinho (pdf 2.08MB)
Ângela Ferreira: Does she need more exposure in Mozambique? A discussion between Alda Costa and Rafael Mouzinho, Alda Costa and Rafael Mouzinho (pdf 2.06MB)
Review: In Step with the Times by Paolo Israel, Rayda Becker (pdf 707KB)