Agness Ng’ambi Yombwe

b. 1966, Lusaka, Zambia; lives in Livingstone.

As founder and co-director of the WayiWayi Art Studio and Gallery in Livingstone, since 2004, Yombwe has balanced a professional visual art career with ongoing involvement as an educator. Her work, amongst a wide array of topics, deals with social taboo, and challenges accepted norms around gender, sex and sexuality in contemporary Zambian life.

Education and Training

2018: Certificate, Corporate Governance, two-day training course, Fairview Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia.
2011: The Business Skills for Artists Training, Barn Motel, Lusaka.
2006: Certificate, Cutting and Design, Tabitha Training Centre, Botswana.
1992: Certificate, Paper-Based Technology (APT), Ministry of Community Development and Social Affairs, Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: Art Teachers Diploma, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.

Solo Exhibitions (Zambia)

2019: Ni Mzilo – It is Taboo, Exhibition and book launch, National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2015: Dialogue, 37d Gallery, Lusaka.
2012: Social Issues, Livingstone Museum, Livingstone.
1994: Wisdom in the Dance, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.

Solo Exhibitions (International)

2002: Exhibition, Deborah Hoover`s house, Boston, Massachusets.
1995: Agness Yombwe, Edvard Munch Studio, Ekely, Norway.

Group Exhibitions (Zambia)

2019: New perspectives, Lusaka organized by African Inspirations
2019: Turning in: other ways of seeing National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2018: Exhuming Histories National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2018: Yombwe Family Affair Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
2018: The Affordable Art Exhibition, Woodlands, Livingstone.
2018: The Journey Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2017: Kuboneshango II, Lusaka National Museum, Lusaka.
2017: KonseKonse, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2016: The Affordable Art Fair, 37d Gallery, Lusaka.
2016: Patterns of Life, Red Dot Gallery, Lusaka.
2015: Exhibition, Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2015: A Celebration of Today, Kalumbila Mine, North Western Province.
2014: National Art Exhibition, Livingstone Gallery, Livingstone.
2013: Women in Art – Art by Women, Choma Museum, Choma.
2012: Lechwe Trust Exhibition, Royal Livingstone Hotel, Livingstone.
2012: The 2012 X-Mass Exhibition of Arts and Crafts of the Southern Province of Zambia, The Choma Museum, Choma.
2012: Exploring the Patterns of Life, Red Dot Gallery, Lusaka
2010: Original Prints Group Exhibition, Alliance Franchise, Lusaka.
2008: Woman’s Art Exhibition, River Gallery at the Whistle Stop, Victoria Falls, Livingstone.
2008: Agness Buya Yombwe, Lawrence Yombwe, River Gallery, Livingstone.
2007: Artists in Southern Province, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
2005: The Paired Visionaries, Twaya Art Gallery, Lusaka.
2005: Franco COMESA Club Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
1999: Artists across the Zambezi, 5 Zambian Artists Working in Botswana, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1996: Two-person show, Brooks Residence, European Union Delegation, Lusaka.
1989: Zambian Artists, Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: Art Teacher's Exhibition, American Information Centre, Lusaka.
1989: National Art Exhibition, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.
1988: Zambian Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Department of Cultural Services, Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2020: FNB Art Joburg (with Modzi Gallery's 'Ba Zambia Ndi Bantu'), online.
2020: Will the sun rise and shine again post COVID-19, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, online.
2019: On Balance, The women, wine and words festival, Theatre in the Park, Harare.
2019: FNB Art Fair (with Modzi Gallery), Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
2018: Southern African Exhibition, Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Minato City, Tokyo.
2016: DIALOGUE, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenterin, Hamar, Norway.
2015: FETAFRIK, A Multi-Artistic Festival, Republic of Seychelles.
2008: Recycling, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenterin, Hamar.
2005: Threads, Botswana’s Foremost Female Artists, Frame Gallery, Gaborone.
2003: Artists in Botswana, Botswana National Museum, Gaborone.
2002: Artists at McColl, McColl Centre for Visual Artists, Charlotte, North Carolina.
1999: Zambian Female Artists Exhibition, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hamar.
1999: Artists in Botswana, Botswana National Museum, Gaborone
1997: Art for the Heart, a Celebration of Contemporary Zambian Art, Africa Centre Gallery, London.
1995: Contemporary Art of the Non-Aligned Countries, Art Gallery at Department of Education and Culture, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1994: Ethnic Art in a Multicultural World, Oslo.
1994: Zambian Cultural Festival, Bonn, Germany.


The National Art Collection, Lusaka National Museum, Lusaka.
Chaminuka Village Art Collection, Lusaka.
Thapong Collection, Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Gaborone.
Tulipamwe Collection, National Art Gallery, Windhoek.
McColl Center for the Arts, Charlotte.
Matero Boys Secondary School, Lusaka.
Barclays Bank.
Standard Chartered Bank, Lusaka.
Lechwe Trust Art Collection, Lusaka.

The artist's work is also held in numerous private collections in Norway, Germany, the United States of America, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Awards and Achievements

2017: Certificate Finalist, CEO Global's Most Influential Women in Business and Government, Arts and Culture, Pretoria.
2005: First Prize (Prints), Franco COMESA Club Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
2004: Third Prize (Fabrics), Northern Art Teachers Association, National Museum, Gaborone.
2003: First Prize (Prints/Graphics), Artist in Botswana Art Exhibition, National Museum, Gaborone.
2000: The Julia Malunga Award (Best Female Artist), National Arts Council of Zambia Ngoma Awards, Lusaka.
1996: Best Female Artist Award, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1994: First Prize (Painting), Zambian-Italian Cultural Centre, Lusaka.
1992: Most Outstanding Artwork Prize (with Dickson Nyendwa), Sculpture workshop conducted by Vincent Woropay, sponsored by British Council and Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: First Prize (Handicrafts), German Zambian Friendship Association, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.

Residencies and Workshops

2008: First African Regional Summit and Exhibition on Visual Arts, International Conference Centre, Abuja.
2002: International Residency, McColl Center for the Visual Art, Charlotte, North Carolina.
2001: Women’s Arts Painting Techniques Workshop, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
2000: Tulipamwe International Art Workshop, Kansimba Guest Lodge, Namibia.
1999: Thapong International Artists’ Workshop, Kanamo Center, Mahalapye, Botswana.
1995: Artist in Residence, Edvard Munch Studio, Ekely, Norway.
1994: Mbile International Artists Workshop, Siavonga, Lusaka.
1993: Art and Design Cultural Visit Program, Wimbledon School of Art, London.

Arts Teaching, Workshops, and Seminars

2019 - 2020: Creative Directors (as Wayi Wayi), Livingstone Public Art Development, engaged by Private Enterprise Programme, Zambia.
2020: Staff Enterprise Preparedness in Empowered World View - Transforming Hearts, Minds & Pockets, Field trip at Wayi Wayi Art Studio, Livingstone. 
2019: Pottery/ Ceramic workshop (supported by Public Enterprise Programme), Zambia, with facilitators from Mzilikazi Arts Center in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 
2018: Capacity Building Workshop for Creative Industries (supported by Zambian Breweries and Ministry of Tourism and Arts Livingstone), Zambia.
2017: Consultant and coordinator, National Women`s Workshop on Financial Inclusion (sponsored by Zambian Financial Sector Deepening limited - FSDZ), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2016: Instructor, Handicraft Design, Production, and Enhancement Workshop, Mongu, Zambia.
2014: Instructor, Handicraft Design, Production and Enhancement Workshop, Ndola/ Copper Belt, Chipata/ Eastern, Mpika/ Muchinga, Ikelenge/ Northwestern, and Choma/ Southern Provinces, Zambia.
2013: Coordinator, Girls’ Art Workshop and Livingstone Anglican Children’s Project, Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2009: Coordinator, Children’s Expressive Art Exhibition, Livingstone Museum, Livingstone.
2008: Printmaking Workshop, sponsored by Lechwe Trust in partnership with Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2004 - 2006: Art Teacher, Donga Junior Secondary School, Forms 1–3, Francistown, Botswana.
1997 – 2004: Art Teacher, Bonnington Junior Secondary School, Forms 1–3, Gaborone.
1996: Coordinator, Workshop for Women Artists, (organized by Zambia National Visual Arts Council), Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1995 – 1996: National Treasurer, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1991 – 1996: Art Teacher, Matero Boys Secondary School, Lusaka (created a student art gallery during this time).
1993: Coordinator, Workshop for Women Artists, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1992 – 1993: Committee Member, Zambia Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1990: Art Teacher, Libala Secondary School, Junior and Senior Grades 8-12, Lusaka.

Arts Leadership

2016 – ongoing: Trustee, Museum of Women’s History, Lusaka.
2017 – 2019: Board Member, National Arts Council of Zambia, Lusaka.
2016: Concept and Site Coordinator, Zambian National Women’s Workshop on Financial Inclusion, sponsored by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia - FSDZ.
2012: Facilitator, Art and Crafts Workshop/ Product Improvement and Development, (organized by National Arts Council), Choma.
2012 – 2013: Liaison, Global Sojourns Giving Circle, (Monitored project in Livingstone at Tusa Munyandi Pre-school, and arranged guests’ visits), Livingstone. 
2002: Treasurer, Botswana National Art Fair.
2002: Chairperson, South Central Art Teachers Art Association (SCATA).
2002: Art Coordinator and Proposal Writer, Micro-project funding, Bonnington Art Club, Gaborone.
2000: Facilitator, Women’s Art Workshop, John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek.
1989: First Secretary, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, (while a student at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce), Lusaka.


1995: The Role of Tradition in my Art, Art Academy, Oslo, Norway.
1991: The Role of Women Artists in Zambia, South African Development Cooperation Conference, Arusha, Tanzania.


author of:

2019: Agness Buya Yombwe, Ni Mzilo (It is Taboo), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery: Livingstone.
2015: Agness Buya Yombwe, Kudumbisiana (Dialogue): She is Not an Artist, (catalogue), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery: Livingstone.

featured in:

2014: Zambia: Implosion for Explosion, Contemporary Artists from Zambia, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy.
2009: The Art Collection Catalogue, Lechwe Trust, Lusaka.

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