Photo of Mambakwedza Mutasa

Mambakwedza Mutasa

b. Harare, 1974. Lives in Harare, Zimbabwe

Mambakwedza Mutasa’s sculptures combine wood, stone and metal to reflect spiritual and political realities.


Inspired by the creator to create, a sheep to the shepherd, an instrument to glorify his living word in the spirit of Jesus Christ , a mirror to his Godliness, as to bring consciousness of the presence of the present things.

Exhibitions (Zimbabwe)

2010 Domboramwari Art Village, Summer Exhibition
2005 HIFA
2004 Baraka (Mutasa show), NGZ; Harare biennale
2003 Batapata, NGZ
2000 Group exhibition, NGZ; Inner space, Harare

Exhibitions (international)

2007 Cape 07, Cape Town
2006 Dak’Art; Greatmore Studios, Cape Town, South Africa
2004 Arthaus, Ghana
2003 Miller Gallery, Spain
2002 Sufhouse gallery, Canada
2001-2003 Steve Gallery, USA
2000 Sarenco Gallery, Italy
1999 Kuona Workshop, Kenya; Zvakanaka, Holland
1998 J. Lathan Gallery, Oakland, California, USA
1997 AIDS Exhibition, Australia
1993-2003 Delta Gallery, Harare
1991-1999 Heritage, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

Workshops & residencies

2007 Greatmore Studios
2006 Greatmore Studios, Cape Town
2004 Insaka international workshop, Zambia
2003 Atlantica
1999 Batapata International Artists Workshop, Mutare, Zimbabwe,

Batapata international Artist Workshop, Boulton
Kuona Workshop, Kenya
Zvakanaka Gallery, Holland
Arthaus international workshop, Ghana

Awards and Grants

2005 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation award
2002 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation award
2001 Commonwealth award, London
1999 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation award
1998 High commendation, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1997 Award of Merit for Weldart, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1996 Award of Merit for Painting; Highly commended for Weldart; Award of Merit for Weldart, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1994 Highly commended for Graphic Art, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
1994 Award of Merit for Metal (Weldart), National Gallery of Zimbabwe

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