Photo of Meshack Raphalalani

Meshack Raphalalani

b. Venda, South Africa, 1950.

Raphalalani is a wood sculptor working in the Venda tradition, exhibiting both locally and abroad. Historical events, traditional ceremonies and rituals are recurring themes in his work. He was a founding member of The VhaVenda Arts Foundation.





Venda Land Training Institution
1972 Art Method teaching, Ndaleni Educational Training Centre, KwaZulu Natal

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Art Santa Fe 2015, Sante Fe Convention Center, New Mexico, USA
2003 Contemporary Natural, group exhibition, Mukondeni Fine Arts Gallery, Johannesburg
2003 Design-in Africa, group exhibition, Mukondeni Fine Arts Gallery, Johannesburg
1985 Tributaries, Africana Museum (now Museum Africa), Johannesburg
1985 Venda Sun Hotel, Limpopo
1972 & 1978 University of Fort Hare, Alice


2017 Roots, Woodcarving expo, Los Angeles, USA
2016 Transvisions in Wood, Karoo
2016 World Wood Day, Kathmandu, Nepal


2015 First Prize. Arts and culture for a sustainable Future.Champion World Woodcarving competition. Durban
2015 Winner of World Wood Day Foundation competition, California
1986 African Art Festival, first prize, University of Zululand, KwaZulu Natal