Meshack Raphalalani

b. 1950, Venda, South Africa.

Raphalalani is a wood sculptor working in the Venda tradition, exhibiting both locally and abroad. Historical events, traditional ceremonies and rituals are recurring themes in his work. He was a founding member of The VhaVenda Arts Foundation.





Venda Land Training Institution
1972: Art Method teaching, Ndaleni Educational Training Centre, KwaZulu-Natal.

Group Exhibitions (South Africa)

2003: Contemporary Natural, Mukondeni Fine Arts Gallery, Johannesburg.
2003: Design-in Africa,, Mukondeni Fine Arts Gallery, Johannesburg.
1985: Tributaries, Africana Museum (now Museum Africa), Johannesburg.
1985: Exhibition, Venda Sun Hotel, Limpopo.
1972, 1978: Exhibitions, University of Fort Hare, Alice.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2015: Art Santa Fe, Sante Fe Convention Center, New Mexico, United States of America.


2017: Roots, Woodcarving expo, Los Angeles, United States of America
2016: Transvisions in Wood, Karoo, South Africa.
2016: World Wood Day, Kathmandu, Nepal.


2015: First Prize, Arts and culture for a sustainable Future, Champion World Woodcarving competition, Durban.
2015: Winner, World Wood Day Foundation competition, California.
1986: First Prize, African Art Festival, University of Zululand, KwaZulu Natal.