Sultana Haukim

b. 1974, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.

Sultana Haukim’s paintings and installations focus on issues affecting women in society such as female identity, sexual abuse and the dowry system.

Art Education

2003: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Fine Art with Education, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius.
1998: Teacher’s Diploma, Visual Arts, Mauritius Institute of Education, Mauritius.

Artist Statement

For the past few years my works have been focused on issues related to the life of women in our modern society. Being a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother, I have experienced the inequalities and prejudices towards woman and have better understood the situation of woman in the world. My status as a female artist gives me the possibilities to express and explore this closer universe of women.

My work also addresses the social and psychological dimensions of women's experience in contemporary societies. Issues about female identity, femininity, concepts of beauty, female genital mutilation, oppression, sexual abuse, abortion and the dowry system, are among the different issues that I have been analyzing in my artwork.

I use mannequins as a metaphor of the female body, being seen as an object to please. From lifeless and dumb, my intervention on them opens doors to various interpretations; colour, matter, out-cuts, assemblage, optical play are some of the ingredients which give the mannequins an alternative look to keep the eye alert and the mind awakened so as to create meaningful change for the future of women.

Solo Exhibitions (Mauritius)

2011: Le Suffren Hotel, Port Louis.
2005: L’Alliance Francaise, Port Louis.

Solo Exhibitions (International)

2013: WG Punt Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Group Exhibitions (Mauritius)

2017: State House, Mauritius.
2016: Porlwi by people Festival.
2016: Metaform.
2015: Porlwi by light Festival.
2015: Bridge, Eco/ art Festival.
2014: Exhibition to commemorate the arrival of Indians in Mauritius, theme Glory of Bihar.
2012: Performance night, Institut Francais de Maurice.
2011: Renaissance, Institut Francais de Maurice.
2010: Festival L’Univert, Institut Francais de Maurice.
2009: Dodo Project , pARTage Gallery.
2007 & 2011: Salon d’ete, SSR Art gallery, Port Louis.
2006: All African Rotary Summit exhibition, Sugar Beach hotel.
2005: Second Triennial of Contemporary Art of the Indian Ocean.
2003 - 2017: Participation in the yearly Salon de Mai, Mahatma Gandhi Institute.
2002: First Triennial of Contemporary Art of the Indian Ocean.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2015: Mauritius Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale, Italy.
2013: Expoesie, Saint Malo, France.
2012: Thupelo International artists’ exhibition, Greatmore Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
2011: International artists exhibition, AIFACS, New Delhi, India.
2010: 4th International Biennale of Beijing, China.
2009: African Artist’s Network Exhibition, Kenya.
2008: International Artists exhibition, Theertha Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2007: East African Biennale , Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


2017: International workshop, Migration, identity and belonging, pARTage, Mauritius.
2014: International workshop, ARTchipelago, pARTage, Mauritius.
2012: Thupelo Wellington 2012, Wellington, South Africa.
2011: International workshop, AIFACS, New Delhi, India.
2011: International Workshop,Art in the Forest, pARTage, Mauritius.
2008: International Artist Workshop, Theertha Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2006: Printmaking Workshop by Grete Marstein (Norway), Mauritius.
2006: ARTerre’ Workshop, pARTage, Mauritius.
2005: Second International Triennial of Contemporary Art, Mauritius.


2016: Tsukuba Artist in Residency, Father Sky, Mother Nature, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
2013: Thami Mynele Foundation Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2012: Residency/workshop with the French artist Veronique Bigo.


2007: First prize, Painting competition, Municipality of Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.
1996: Silver prize, Salon des Jeunes Talents Prometteur, L’institute pour le developpement des Arts de l’Ocean Indien, Port Louis, Mauritius.


2017: Migration, Identity and Belongings, pARTage.
2015:  56th Biennale of Venice, Italy.
2015: Pavilion of Mauritius, From One Citizen You Gather an idea, 56th Biennale of Venice.
2014: ARTchipelogo.
2012: Renaissance Exhibition.
2010: Commemoration of the Battle of Vieux Grand-Port.
2010: 4th International Biennale of Beijing, China.
2007: 1st Salon D'été.
2007: East Africa Art 2007 Biennale.
2006: Salon de Mai.
2006: ARTerre, Landscape Workshop, Mauritius.
Art for APRIM, (Parents’ association for the rehabilitation of mentally handicapped children).
1996: Salon des Talents Prometteurs 96.