Culture and Working Life Project

Culture and Working Life Project (CWLP) started in 1985 to train workers in drama, music and literature. Based in the Sociology Department at the University of Natal, CWLP worked closely with the trade unions to organise cultural events for May Day and other important political occasions. They also helped establish cultural structures and document cultural activity.

Culture and Production.The contradictions of working Class Theatre in South Africa – Ari Sitas – pdf (5mb)
The records of Culture and Working Life Project are stored at Killie Campbell Collections, University of KwaZulu-Natal. The index appears below.

Culture and Working Life Project (CWLP)      
File Number Description Year Details
06/01/1 Constitution; Structures and Working Conditions [1991?]  
06/01/2 Annual Reports;Organisational profile; 1985; 1986;1987;1991-1993 Additional various pages, years unknown
06/01/3 Activity Reports 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994 Office Report, July-Oct, 1989; Audiovisual Documentalist Report, 1991; Creative Development Report 1992 and undated; Overall Assessment of Education Programme, undated; Education and Training Programme Report, First Quarter, 1994 and April-June 1994; Two year Training Programme, Durban; Music Course Progress Report, March 1994; A.T. Qabula’s Report May to Oct (no year); CWLP Report to Sociology Review Committee
06/01/4 Minutes of Committee/Board;Minutes of Meeting of Projects in Industrial Sociology 1985-1987; June-Oct 1993one, undated; 29.7.1986  
06/01/05 Correspondence: General 1986-1991; 1994; 1997  
06/01/06 Correspondence: Financial and Funding, including Broederlijk Delen 1984-1998 Incomplete
06/01/07 Correspondence: Funding,Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference [European Economic Community] !993-1995, incomplete; some undated File also includes some Meeting minutes (Church and Work Commission); Joint project funding request, 1988; Outline of programme conditions [1989]; Guide to EU Support for Development Projects (June, 1994); Review of Labour: Funding for Labour Sector in South Africa 1994 and 1995, and related correspondence.
06/01/08 Funding Proposals and Reports 1992-1994; 1993; 1993-1994; 1994-1996 Accompanying documents and hand-written notes; Report to Ford Foundation, 1989-1991; Proposal for the feasibility of establishing Workers Cultural Facilities, Aug 1991
06/01/09 Photographs; CWLP brochures; theatre programme; Scrapbook. 1993 Unidentified photographs from workshops, showing artwork, publications and authors; unidentified theatre scrapbook – showing youth theatre; Theatre programme for Mbube, a play by SAWCO Cultural Group.
06/01/10 Culture Course: General, Minutes, Programme, Evaluation; Correspondence. 1990-1993 Cultural work course – requirements, code of conduct etc; Minutes of Staff, Education, Music; Facilitator and Steering Committee meetings; Course structure; participants evaluation; fragments of correspondence 1990, 1991.
06/01/11 Culture Course: Modules;   Modules: Ways of Learning; Visual Arts; Drama; Culture & the Labour Movement; Creative Writing; Music. Contain outlines, content, notes, projects, assignments
06/01/12 Culture Course: Creative writing and other assignments; culture course mini open day brochure, 1992   English and Zulu
06/01/13 Culture Course: Attendance Registers; travel subsidies    
06/01/14 RDP Play Project:Correspondence; Planning; Activity and Financial Reports; Programmes and Photographs 1996  
06/01/15 Cultural Rights and Workers Cultural Facilities Project 1992 A4 poster; newsclipping; handwritten notes; Reports; Correspondence.
06/01/16 Record of Video usage; and information on Book Sales 1991, 1992  
06/01/17 Secondary material and essays on culture    
06/01/18 Northern  Natal Training Programme; Eshowe Culture Course 1994, 1996 Financial, correspondence and activity reports
06/01/19 CWLP Income and Expenditure Statements 1985-1989; 1991-1997  
06/01/20 Interviews with women for the ‘Speak’ Project. undated Valley Trust area?; in English.
06/01/21 Miscellaneous documents of organisations associated with CWLP; undated includes handwritten notes on of a  planning exercise? of CWLP?.
Accessioned in Campbell Library collection Audio tapes and slides (unlabelled)   Mandini Strikers cassette label; May Day culture Natal – HowardCollege; Clermont; Justice Hall;
Publications in book collection at Campbell Library     “Poetry for Peace”; “A Star from Nowhere”.