Vakalisa Art Associates

Vakalisa Arts Association (1982- c. 1992) was a network of black cultural workers that was active in the Western Cape. Vakalisa held several exhibitions and cultural events in community spaces, and published five calendars and two volumes of poetry.



Adams, Keith Then: writer. Now: adult educator at St Joseph’s Adult Education Programme, Rondebosch, Cape Town

Adams, Willie

Andrews, Kate – Then: poet

Appolis, Tyrone – Then: visual artist, musician. Now: artist

Baker, Joan – Then: writer. Now: deceased

Baker, Kenny – Then: visual artist. Now: deceased

Barry, Michael – Then: visual artist and teacher.  Now: artist, and Head of Department of Arts and Culture, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Benjamin, Jean – Then: writer. Now: Deputy Minister of Social Development, South Africa

Berry, Peter

Budaza, Hamilton – Then: visual artist and teacher at CAP.  Now: curator, University of The Western Cape

Clarke, Peter Then & now: visual artist and poet.

Combrinck, Lisa – Then: writer. Now: spokesperson, Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa

Davids, Johann – Then: visual artist

Davids, Mervyn – Then:  visual artist and teacher.  Now: teacher

Davis, Lionel – Then: visual artist and teacher at CAP. Now: artist

Dennis, Carl

Dikeni, Sandile – Then & now: poet

Durrock, Patrick

Erasmus, Garth – Then: visual artist and teacher.  Now: artist and musician

Espin, Mark – Then: writer. Now: project coordinator, Centre For The Book, Cape Town

Essop, Sydda

Gabriels, Theo

George, Charlton – Then: actor and member of Action Workshop.  Now: actor

Hlongwane, David – Then: CAP student.  Now: curator, University of The Western Cape

Hollman, Rudien – Then: poet and writer

Holo, Patrick – Then: visual artist and teacher at the Nyanga Art Centre. Now: artist

Jansen, Beverly

Johnstone, Abduraghiem – Then: poet

Lombard, Rashid – Then: photographer. Now: CEO, ESP Afrika (Cape Town Jazz festival) Interview

Lupuwana, Luthando – Then & now: visual artist

Matthews, James – Then: poet and publisher.  Now: poet

Matthews, Jimi – Then: photojournalist.  Now: head of news, SABC

Meintjies , Frank – Then: writer and cultural activist. Now: political analyst and social change practitioner

Mthethwa, Zwelethu – Then & now: visual artist

Mthini, Mawande – Then: CAP student.  Now: artist

Parenzee, Donald – Then: poet and architect.  Now: poet, and member of ASAI

Prodehl, Arthur – Then: visual artist

Sauls, Lloyd – Then: photographer

Sickle, Mario – Then: visual artist and teacher at CAP

Siers, Rushdy – Then & now: writer

Smallberg, Mavis – Then & now: poet

Solomons, Vanessa – Then: UCT fine arts student and CAP teacher. Now: artist, New York

Swart, Dehran – Then: photographer.  Now: senior project manager, Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa

Thomas, Gladys – Then: writer

Thomas, Stanley – Then: graphic designer

Weeder, Michael

Willemse, Hein – Then: literary academic.  Now: professor, University of Pretoria

Vallie, Zubeida – Then: photographer