Botaki Exhibition 1: Conversations with Timothy Mafenuka

Author/ Curator: Mario Pissarra

Publisher: Old Mutual Asset Managers, Cape Town

Date: 2004

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Note: The four Botaki exhibitions at OMAM each adopted the same format: three works by a ‘featured’ artist, and seven works by artists whose works reflected a ‘dialogue’ of sorts with the featured artist. Following OMAM’s rejection of a proposal to develop a website profiling the exhibiting artists, the material compiled for Botaki was subsequently used for the original ASAI website.

It was through work on Botaki (a series of small exhibitions commissioned by Old Mutual Asset Managers) that Mario Pissarra conceived of the idea of creating a website. This led to the launch of the ASAI website in 2005, featuring most of the artists that appeared in Botaki, and drawing on research done for the Botaki catalogues.