Ann Gollifer

b. 1960, Guyana, Lives in Gaborone, Botswana.

“I am a painter, printmaker, photographer and writer. I migrate between these disciplines, trying to make sense of the worlds I live in, pass through, visit. I find more and more that the work I make has most resonance when it has been transformed, in the process of translation from one media to another, into an unexpected metamorphosis that has nothing to do with me as author but rather belongs to the workshop that is our expanding universe.”


1983 Masters degree in History of Art, Edinburgh University.

Exhibitions (solo)

2015: OMANG? – Who are you?, Sophie Lalonde Art, Gaborone.
2012: Branded. The Frame Gallery. Gaborone.
2011: Living on an Horizon. A tribute to Bessie Head. Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
2010: What am I doing here? Ke Dirang Ha?. Bicha Gallery, Gabriel's Wharf, London.
2009: Goddesses and Super Heroes. Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
2006: Linhas De Sangue, Territories of the Heart. Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo.

Exhibitions (group)

2020: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Guns & Rain, Cape Town. 
2020: Difficult Women, Gaborone Museum, Gaborone. 
2019: Love Is …, The BKhz Gallery, Johannesburg.
2018: Also Known As Africa (AKAA), Guns & Rain, Paris.
2018: Cape Town Art Fair, Guns & Rain, Cape Town.
2017: All Your Secrets, Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2017: Omang, AVA Gallery, Cape Town.
2017: Art Africa Fair, Cape Town.
2016: Turbine Art Fair, LL Editions and Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2015: Under an African Sun, with Leo Hassaris, London.
2015: Turbine Art Fair, LL Editions and Guns & Rain.
2015: Turbine Art Fair. LL Editions and Guns & Rain, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2008: Word. The Monument, Grahamstown festival.
2008: Dumbo. Open Studio, Triangle Workshop, New York.
2005: Bienal 05 TDM. National Museum of art, Maputo, Mozambique.
2003: Abale. Lusaka, Zambia.
2003: Womanifesto, Procreation-Postcreation. Bangkok, Thailand.
2003: 9th Le Donne Ridono. Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
2002: Monomotapa. Residency exhibition, Fordsburg Studios, Johannesburg.
2001-2002: Hoche Koche (multimedia event, coproduced with Steve Dyer). HIFA, Harare; The Dance Festival, Avignon, France; The Grahamstown festival; and Dance Umbrella, Wits Theatre, Johannesburg.
2001: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibition. Gaborone, Botswana.
2001: Thupelo International Artists' Workshop exhibition. Cape Town, South Africa.
2000: Three Women Perspectives. Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Windhoek and Gaborone, Alliance Francaise, Botswana.
1997: Botswana Live. The Commonwealth Institute, London; and Stockholm.
1995: Botswana Live. The Commonwealth Institute, London; Chicago; and Washington.
1995: The Mbile International Artists Workshop exhibition. Lusaka, Zambia.
1993: 5th Le Donne Ridono, Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
1993: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibitions, Gaborone, Botswana.
1993: Botswana Live, The Commonwealth Institute, London.
1991: 4th Le Donne Ridono, Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
1991: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibition. Gaborone, Botswana.

Residencies & Workshops

2018: IASPIS Residency, Stockholm.
2008: Triangle. New York, USA.
2002: Fordsburg Art Studios. The Bag Factory, Johannesburg.
2001: Thapong. Botswana
2000: Thupelo. South Africa.
1998: MBILE. Zambia
1993: Thapong. Botswana
1991: Thapong. Botswana

Public collections

The Sainsbury Africa Galleries, The British Museum, London, UK.
The Triangle International Art Workshops, New York, USA.
The Alliance Francaise, Johannesburg, South Africa.
The National Museum, Gaborone, Botswana.
The Thapong International Art Workshop, Gaborone, Botswana.
The Mbile Art Collection, Lusaka, Zambia.
Botswana Life Insurance Limited.
Penrich Insurance Brokers, Gaborone, Botswana.
The Bank of Botswana Fine Art Collection, Gaborone, Botswana.
The Michaelis Art Library, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Publications by Ann Gollifer

2012 Concept: A forum for creativity, quarterly magazine edited by Ann Gollifer, published for the first time in Botswana in April 2012.

2011 I don't know why I was created. DADA, Coex'Ae Qgam by Ann Gollifer and Jenny Egner. A biography/portrait of Coex ae Qgam, Ncoekhoe painter of the Kuru Art Project, D'Kar, Botswana. Published by Eggson Books, Gaborone, 2011. ISBN978-99912-938-1-3

2009 Urban Camouflage, Street safaris, Africa e Mediterraneo 3-4 09, (69-70)

2005 Transitions catalogue for the exhibition presented by The Africa Centre from the collection of Robert Loder of the Triangle Arts Trust

2004 The Nata Baobab written and illustrated by Ann Gollifer. Botsalano Press, Gaborone, 2004. ISBN99912-531-5-7

Publications on Ann Gollifer

2014 Polly Savage (ed) Making Art in Africa


Thabo Keorapetse

b. 1993, Francistown Botswana

Thabo Keorapetse is an emerging photographer.


Currently Studying - BA (Hons) Film & Television, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Innovation


2016-2017 Nna Le Seabe HIV/AIDS National Art Exhibition Position 2, Botswana
2016 Best in Photography Botswana Presidents Day Celebration Arts & Craft Competition, Botswana
2016 Best in Fine Arts Botswana Presidents Day Celebration Arts & Craft Competition, Botswana