Agness Ng’ambi Yombwe

b. 1966, Lusaka, Zambia; lives in Livingstone.

As founder and co-director of the WayiWayi Art Studio and Gallery in Livingstone, since 2004, Yombwe has balanced a professional visual art career with ongoing involvement as an educator. Her work, amongst a wide array of topics, deals with social taboo, and challenges accepted norms around gender, sex and sexuality in contemporary Zambian life.

Education and Training

2018: Certificate, Corporate Governance, two-day training course, Fairview Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia.
2011: The Business Skills for Artists Training, Barn Motel, Lusaka.
2006: Certificate, Cutting and Design, Tabitha Training Centre, Botswana.
1992: Certificate, Paper-Based Technology (APT), Ministry of Community Development and Social Affairs, Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: Art Teachers Diploma, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.

Solo Exhibitions (Zambia)

2019: Ni Mzilo – It is Taboo, Exhibition and book launch, National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2015: Dialogue, 37d Gallery, Lusaka.
2012: Social Issues, Livingstone Museum, Livingstone.
1994: Wisdom in the Dance, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.

Solo Exhibitions (International)

2002: Exhibition, Deborah Hoover`s house, Boston, Massachusets.
1995: Agness Yombwe, Edvard Munch Studio, Ekely, Norway.

Group Exhibitions (Zambia)

2019: New perspectives, Lusaka organized by African Inspirations
2019: Turning in: other ways of seeing National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2018: Exhuming Histories National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2018: Yombwe Family Affair Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
2018: The Affordable Art Exhibition, Woodlands, Livingstone.
2018: The Journey Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Livingstone.
2017: Kuboneshango II, Lusaka National Museum, Lusaka.
2017: KonseKonse, Henry Tayali Gallery, Lusaka.
2016: The Affordable Art Fair, 37d Gallery, Lusaka.
2016: Patterns of Life, Red Dot Gallery, Lusaka.
2015: Exhibition, Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2015: A Celebration of Today, Kalumbila Mine, North Western Province.
2014: National Art Exhibition, Livingstone Gallery, Livingstone.
2013: Women in Art – Art by Women, Choma Museum, Choma.
2012: Lechwe Trust Exhibition, Royal Livingstone Hotel, Livingstone.
2012: The 2012 X-Mass Exhibition of Arts and Crafts of the Southern Province of Zambia, The Choma Museum, Choma.
2012: Exploring the Patterns of Life, Red Dot Gallery, Lusaka
2010: Original Prints Group Exhibition, Alliance Franchise, Lusaka.
2008: Woman’s Art Exhibition, River Gallery at the Whistle Stop, Victoria Falls, Livingstone.
2008: Agness Buya Yombwe, Lawrence Yombwe, River Gallery, Livingstone.
2007: Artists in Southern Province, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
2005: The Paired Visionaries, Twaya Art Gallery, Lusaka.
2005: Franco COMESA Club Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
1999: Artists across the Zambezi, 5 Zambian Artists Working in Botswana, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1996: Two-person show, Brooks Residence, European Union Delegation, Lusaka.
1989: Zambian Artists, Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: Art Teacher's Exhibition, American Information Centre, Lusaka.
1989: National Art Exhibition, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.
1988: Zambian Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Department of Cultural Services, Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2020: FNB Art Joburg (with Modzi Gallery's 'Ba Zambia Ndi Bantu'), online.
2020: Will the sun rise and shine again post COVID-19, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, online.
2019: On Balance, The women, wine and words festival, Theatre in the Park, Harare.
2019: FNB Art Fair (with Modzi Gallery), Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
2018: Southern African Exhibition, Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Minato City, Tokyo.
2016: DIALOGUE, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenterin, Hamar, Norway.
2015: FETAFRIK, A Multi-Artistic Festival, Republic of Seychelles.
2008: Recycling, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenterin, Hamar.
2005: Threads, Botswana’s Foremost Female Artists, Frame Gallery, Gaborone.
2003: Artists in Botswana, Botswana National Museum, Gaborone.
2002: Artists at McColl, McColl Centre for Visual Artists, Charlotte, North Carolina.
1999: Zambian Female Artists Exhibition, Kunstabanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hamar.
1999: Artists in Botswana, Botswana National Museum, Gaborone
1997: Art for the Heart, a Celebration of Contemporary Zambian Art, Africa Centre Gallery, London.
1995: Contemporary Art of the Non-Aligned Countries, Art Gallery at Department of Education and Culture, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1994: Ethnic Art in a Multicultural World, Oslo.
1994: Zambian Cultural Festival, Bonn, Germany.


The National Art Collection, Lusaka National Museum, Lusaka.
Chaminuka Village Art Collection, Lusaka.
Thapong Collection, Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Gaborone.
Tulipamwe Collection, National Art Gallery, Windhoek.
McColl Center for the Arts, Charlotte.
Matero Boys Secondary School, Lusaka.
Barclays Bank.
Standard Chartered Bank, Lusaka.
Lechwe Trust Art Collection, Lusaka.

The artist's work is also held in numerous private collections in Norway, Germany, the United States of America, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Awards and Achievements

2017: Certificate Finalist, CEO Global's Most Influential Women in Business and Government, Arts and Culture, Pretoria.
2005: First Prize (Prints), Franco COMESA Club Art Exhibition, Lusaka.
2004: Third Prize (Fabrics), Northern Art Teachers Association, National Museum, Gaborone.
2003: First Prize (Prints/Graphics), Artist in Botswana Art Exhibition, National Museum, Gaborone.
2000: The Julia Malunga Award (Best Female Artist), National Arts Council of Zambia Ngoma Awards, Lusaka.
1996: Best Female Artist Award, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1994: First Prize (Painting), Zambian-Italian Cultural Centre, Lusaka.
1992: Most Outstanding Artwork Prize (with Dickson Nyendwa), Sculpture workshop conducted by Vincent Woropay, sponsored by British Council and Mpapa Gallery, Lusaka.
1989: First Prize (Handicrafts), German Zambian Friendship Association, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka.

Residencies and Workshops

2008: First African Regional Summit and Exhibition on Visual Arts, International Conference Centre, Abuja.
2002: International Residency, McColl Center for the Visual Art, Charlotte, North Carolina.
2001: Women’s Arts Painting Techniques Workshop, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
2000: Tulipamwe International Art Workshop, Kansimba Guest Lodge, Namibia.
1999: Thapong International Artists’ Workshop, Kanamo Center, Mahalapye, Botswana.
1995: Artist in Residence, Edvard Munch Studio, Ekely, Norway.
1994: Mbile International Artists Workshop, Siavonga, Lusaka.
1993: Art and Design Cultural Visit Program, Wimbledon School of Art, London.

Arts Teaching, Workshops, and Seminars

2019 - 2020: Creative Directors (as Wayi Wayi), Livingstone Public Art Development, engaged by Private Enterprise Programme, Zambia.
2020: Staff Enterprise Preparedness in Empowered World View - Transforming Hearts, Minds & Pockets, Field trip at Wayi Wayi Art Studio, Livingstone. 
2019: Pottery/ Ceramic workshop (supported by Public Enterprise Programme), Zambia, with facilitators from Mzilikazi Arts Center in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 
2018: Capacity Building Workshop for Creative Industries (supported by Zambian Breweries and Ministry of Tourism and Arts Livingstone), Zambia.
2017: Consultant and coordinator, National Women`s Workshop on Financial Inclusion (sponsored by Zambian Financial Sector Deepening limited - FSDZ), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2016: Instructor, Handicraft Design, Production, and Enhancement Workshop, Mongu, Zambia.
2014: Instructor, Handicraft Design, Production and Enhancement Workshop, Ndola/ Copper Belt, Chipata/ Eastern, Mpika/ Muchinga, Ikelenge/ Northwestern, and Choma/ Southern Provinces, Zambia.
2013: Coordinator, Girls’ Art Workshop and Livingstone Anglican Children’s Project, Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2009: Coordinator, Children’s Expressive Art Exhibition, Livingstone Museum, Livingstone.
2008: Printmaking Workshop, sponsored by Lechwe Trust in partnership with Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery, Livingstone.
2004 - 2006: Art Teacher, Donga Junior Secondary School, Forms 1–3, Francistown, Botswana.
1997 – 2004: Art Teacher, Bonnington Junior Secondary School, Forms 1–3, Gaborone.
1996: Coordinator, Workshop for Women Artists, (organized by Zambia National Visual Arts Council), Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1995 – 1996: National Treasurer, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1991 – 1996: Art Teacher, Matero Boys Secondary School, Lusaka (created a student art gallery during this time).
1993: Coordinator, Workshop for Women Artists, Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre, Lusaka.
1992 – 1993: Committee Member, Zambia Visual Arts Council, Lusaka.
1990: Art Teacher, Libala Secondary School, Junior and Senior Grades 8-12, Lusaka.

Arts Leadership

2016 – ongoing: Trustee, Museum of Women’s History, Lusaka.
2017 – 2019: Board Member, National Arts Council of Zambia, Lusaka.
2016: Concept and Site Coordinator, Zambian National Women’s Workshop on Financial Inclusion, sponsored by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia - FSDZ.
2012: Facilitator, Art and Crafts Workshop/ Product Improvement and Development, (organized by National Arts Council), Choma.
2012 – 2013: Liaison, Global Sojourns Giving Circle, (Monitored project in Livingstone at Tusa Munyandi Pre-school, and arranged guests’ visits), Livingstone. 
2002: Treasurer, Botswana National Art Fair.
2002: Chairperson, South Central Art Teachers Art Association (SCATA).
2002: Art Coordinator and Proposal Writer, Micro-project funding, Bonnington Art Club, Gaborone.
2000: Facilitator, Women’s Art Workshop, John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek.
1989: First Secretary, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, (while a student at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce), Lusaka.


1995: The Role of Tradition in my Art, Art Academy, Oslo, Norway.
1991: The Role of Women Artists in Zambia, South African Development Cooperation Conference, Arusha, Tanzania.


author of:

2019: Agness Buya Yombwe, Ni Mzilo (It is Taboo), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery: Livingstone.
2015: Agness Buya Yombwe, Kudumbisiana (Dialogue): She is Not an Artist, (catalogue), Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery: Livingstone.

featured in:

2014: Zambia: Implosion for Explosion, Contemporary Artists from Zambia, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy.
2009: The Art Collection Catalogue, Lechwe Trust, Lusaka.

Press Coverage

2020: Andrew Mulenga, 'Elephant in the room', The Mast, Wednesday February 5 2020.
2019: Elliot Ngosa, 'The expanding vision of Wayi Wayi Studio and Art gallery', The Mast, Saturday May 11 2019.
2019: Austin Kaluba, 'Meet the artistic Yombwe family', Times of Zambia, Friday May 10 2019.
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1993: Anthony Kunda, 'Agnes Yombwe: Artist with an African Touch', The Weekly Post, 22-28 January 1993.


Craig Masters

b. 1963, Cape Town, lives in Cape Town.
Craig Masters, an artist and graphic designer from Cape Town, was involved with the Cape Flats Art Group, and has been making work since the 1980s. He believes that “imagination is the true powerhouse of the mind” and this certainly comes through in his paintings, which are stylistically unique within South Africa’s art scene. Masters depicts people and social scenes embedded in landscapes, sometimes urban and rural, and sometimes dreamlike and otherworldly.


1995: Graphic Design Training Course, Qurack Express, Lads Freehand and Photoshop, Hirt and Carter, Cape Town.
1995: Diploma, Practical Animation, Kaleidoscope Studio, Cape Town.
1984: Diploma, Fine Art and Graphic Design, Battswood Training College, Cape Town.

Group Exhibitions (South Africa)

1998: Parliament’s Opening Exhibition, Houses of Parliament, Cape Town.
Year: The Legacy of Steve Biko, (with Cape Flats Art Group), District Six Museum.
1996: Mural Project, District Six Museum, Cape Town (visited by United States Vice President Al Gore).
1992: Art in Publishing Exhibition, Town Square, Cape Town.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2000: Art Afri, Cultura Group, Bern.


2003: Billboard design, Joseph Stone Auditorium Play, Cape Town.
2000s: Painting, Iziko Slave Lodge, Cape Town.


2010: First Prize for animation, The Lion and the Elephant, One Minute Awards, Amsterdam.
1993: Runner up, Upbeat Story Group Comic Competition, South Africa.


1995: Thupelo Workshop, Cape Town.
1992: Charcoal Animation workshop with William Kentridge, Iziko National Gallery, Cape Town.


1988: Gavin Younge, Art of the South African Townships, Random House Incorporated, Michigan.
2011: Mario Pissarra (ed), A Visual Century, South African Art in Context, Volume 3: 1973–1992, Wits University Press, Johannesburg.


Current: Freelance fine artist and graphic designer
Current: Visual Arts Teacher, Build a Better Society (BABS), Cape Town.
2006 – 2010: Report Writer, South African Film and Publication Board, Cape Town
(work also included publication examination for age restriction recommendations, commercial storyboard production, and collaboration with Paradox Animation for FPB Awareness Clip.)
2001 – 2007: E-learning course design for companies, Laragh Courseware, Cape Town.
1995: Storybook and Textbook illustrator, Hirt and Carter, Cape Town.
1995: Storyboard artist, Network Agency, Cape Town.
1995: Mural painter, Artwork co-ordinator for al Gore 1995 visit, District Six Museum, Cape Town.
1995: Visual Arts Teacher, Build a Better Society (BABS), Cape Town.
1994: Film Technician, Nautilus Film Studio, Cape Town.
1994: Temp Cartoonist, South Newspaper, Cape Town.
1994: Storyboards and Rendering, Berry Bush, Cape Town
1985 – 1994: Assistant Make-up, Display Forms, Cape Town.

Other Involvement

2010: Produced The Lion and the Elephant 01:00 animation, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
1992: Member, South African Publishers’ Association, Cape Town.
1991: Volunteer Visual Arts Teacher, Blackheath Primary School, Cape Town.
1988: Judge, Tygerberg Eistedfod, Cape Town.

Ann Gollifer

Ann Gollifer

b. 1960, Guyana, Lives in Gaborone, Botswana. 

Ann Gollifer is a contemporary artist from Botswana, a painter, printmaker, photographer and writer.  Gollifer draws on her South American, British and Botswana heritage, and their shared histories of conquest and colonialism. The complex entanglements of history, place, identity and belonging are are central to Gollifer’s practice.


1983: Master of Art, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.

Exhibitions (solo)

2015: OMANG? – Who are you?, Sophie Lalonde Art, Gaborone.
2012: Branded, The Frame Gallery, Gaborone.
2011: Living on an Horizon: A tribute to Bessie Head, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
2010: What am I doing here? Ke Dirang Ha?, Bicha Gallery, London.
2009: Goddesses and Super Heroes, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
2006: Linhas De Sangue, Territories of the Heart, Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo.

Exhibitions (group)

2020: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Guns & Rain, Cape Town. 
2020: Difficult Women, Gaborone Museum, Gaborone. 
2019: Love Is …, The BKhz Gallery, Johannesburg.
2018: Also Known As Africa (AKAA), Guns & Rain, Paris.
2018: Cape Town Art Fair, Guns & Rain, Cape Town.
2017: All Your Secrets, Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2017: Omang, AVA Gallery, Cape Town.
2017: Art Africa Fair, Cape Town.
2016: Turbine Art Fair, LL Editions and Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2015: Under an African Sun, with Leo Hassaris, London.
2015: Turbine Art Fair, LL Editions and Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2015: Turbine Art Fair, LL Editions and Guns & Rain, Johannesburg.
2008: Word, The Monument, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
2008: Dumbo,Open Studio, Triangle Workshop, New York.
2005: Bienal 05 TDM, Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo.
2003: Abale, Lusaka, Zambia.
2003: Womanifesto, Procreation-Postcreation, Bangkok, Thailand.
2003: 9th Le Donne Ridono, Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
2002: Monomotapa, The Bag Factory Artist Studios , Johannesburg.
2001-2002: Hoche Koche (multimedia event, coproduced with Steve Dyer), HIFA, Harare; The Dance Festival, Avignon, France; The Grahamstown festival; and Dance Umbrella, Wits Theatre, Johannesburg.
2001: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibition, Gaborone, Botswana.
2001: Thupelo International Artists' Workshop exhibition, Cape Town, South Africa.
2000: Three Women Perspectives, Alliance Francaise, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Windhoek and Gaborone.
1997: Botswana Live, The Commonwealth Institute, London; and Stockholm.
1995: Botswana Live, The Commonwealth Institute, London; Chicago; and Washington.
1995: The Mbile International Artists Workshop exhibition, Lusaka, Zambia.
1993: 5th Le Donne Ridono, Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
1993: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibitions, Gaborone, Botswana.
1993: Botswana Live, The Commonwealth Institute, London.
1991: 4th Le Donne Ridono, Biennale a cura del Centro Docementazione Donna di Ferrara, Italy.
1991: Thapong International Artists Workshop exhibition, Gaborone, Botswana.

Residencies & Workshops

2018: IASPIS Residency, Stockholm.
2008: Triangle, New York.
2002: The Bag Factory Artists Studios, Johannesburg.
2001: Thapong, Botswana
2000: Thupelo, South Africa.
1998: MBILE, Zambia
1993: Thapong, Botswana
1991: Thapong, Botswana

Public collections

The Sainsbury Africa Galleries, The British Museum, London.
The Triangle International Art Workshops, New York.
The Alliance Francaise, Johannesburg.
The National Museum, Gaborone.
The Thapong International Art Workshop, Gaborone.
The Mbile Art Collection, Lusaka.
Botswana Life Insurance Limited.
Penrich Insurance Brokers, Gaborone.
The Bank of Botswana Fine Art Collection, Gaborone.
The Michaelis Art Library, Johannesburg.

Publications by Ann Gollifer

2012: Gollifer, Ann (ed.), Concept: A forum for creativity.

2011: Gollifer, Ann adn Egner, Jenny (ed.), I don't know why I was created. DADA, Coex'Ae Qgam, Eggson Books, Gaborone, 2011. 

2009: Gollifer, Ann (ed.), Urban Camouflage, Street safaris, Africa e Mediterraneo, Vol. 3-4. Numner 09.

2005:  Gollifer, Ann (ed.), Transitions catalogue for the exhibition presented by The Africa Centre from the collection of Robert Loder of the Triangle Arts Trust

2004:  Gollifer, Ann (ed.), The Nata Baobab, Botsalano Press, Gaborone. 

Publications on Ann Gollifer

2014: Polly Savage (ed) Making Art in Africa


Khumo Sebambo, Ann Gollifer: Seeking pathways to home, (ASAI, 2020). 


Avhashoni Mainganye

Avhashoni Mainganye

b. Venda, Limpopo, South Africa, 1957. Lives in Thohoyandou.

Avhashoni Mainganye is an artist, art educator, cultural activist and poet, and has been instrumental in promoting artistic activity in Limpopo. Initially producing art with strong socio-political overtones, his work has become increasingly abstract,  with questions of African culture interfacing with broader humanist concerns. 



Phillipa Hobbs, Messages and Meaning: The MTN Art Collection, (David Krut Publishing, Johannesburg, 2006), 147)




Brett Kebble Awards 2004, (Marulelo Communications: Cape Town, 2004), 146-147)




Art education

1981-82: Rorke's Drift Art & Craft Centre, Kwa-Zulu Natal.
1985-89: Funda Art Centre, Soweto, Johannesburg.

Solo Exhibitions

2010: Journey, iZArte, Zutphen, Netherlands.
2008: Journey, Association for the Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2000: Coker College, North Carolina, USA.
1992:  Polokwane Art Museum, Polokwane.

Group Exhibitions

2019: The Mahlakasela collection, Henry Ponder Gallery, South Carolina.
2016: FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
2015: Art Santa Fe 2015, Sante Fe Convention Center, New Mexico.
2015: Opening the Drawers: A Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg.
2015: Venda Tsonga Craft Art Exhibition, Madi a Thavha Lodge, Limpopo.
2014: Work on Paper, Trent Gallery, Pretoria.
2011: Collages, African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands.
2007: 30 Years of Soweto Printmaking, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
2006: Avashoni Mainganye and Sandile Zulu – New Works, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg.
2004 - 5: Soul Of Africa: Art as a Cornerstone for Development, The Development Bank of Southern Africa, Johannesburg.
2001: Golelanwali, Alliance Francais, Johannesburg. 
1995: Spring Time in Chile, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.
1995: Africa95, Royal Academy of Arts, London.
1994: Artists for Peace, Geneva.
1989: Women, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
1988: VhaVenda / Shangaan Wood Sculptures, South African Association of Arts, Pretoria.
1987: National Museum & Gallery, Gaborone.
1985: BMW Tributaries, Africana Museum in progress, Johannesburg.
1985: Artimo (Art in Motion), Market Gallery, Johannesburg.

Workshops & Residencies

2016: Transvisions in Wood, Karoo.
2008: International AIDS Conference, Polokwane Art Gallery, Polokwane.
2007: Triangle workshop, Isle of Tanera Mhor, Scotland.
2006: Greatmore Studios residency, Cape Town.
2005: Venda Land of Legends, Venda & Tsonga wood carving workshop, Netherlands.
1999: Craft/Art, Joint wood carving workshop with Graham Jones, Grahamstown Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
1995: Spring in Chile cultural exchange programme, Chile.
1994: Koma, collaboration with Stefano Kofmehl of Locarno, Switzerland.
1990: Soweto Action, Art Residency, France & Switzerland.
1986 - 2006: Thupelo Art Workshops, Cape Town.


2020: ACT Lifetime Achievement award for Visual Arts.
2016: MEC Achievers Award, Limpopo Department of Arts and Culture, Polokwane.
2008: Top five, Sasol Wax Art Awards, University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg
2007: Top ten, Sasol Wax Art Awards, University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
2005: Achievers Award, Limpopo Mapungubwe Arts Festival, Polokwane.
2004: Finalist, Brett Kebble Awards.
1994: Participant, FNB Vita Awards.
1985: Solomon Reuben and Ann Winer Bursary.


2014: Host, the Ubuntu Trust, Thohoyandou Arts & Culture Centre, Thohoyandou.
2009: Selection panel, Department of Arts and Culture's Arts & Craft Awards.
2004 - 5: Selection panel, Soul of Africa exhibition, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Johannesburg.
2001: Art teacher, printing, Feniks International 20th Anniversary, Belgium.
2000: Art teacher, painting and printing at Coker College, North Carolina
1999: Arts facilitator, Thohoyandou Arts and Culture Centre, Thohoyandou.
1985 - 2006: United States - South Africa Leader Exchange Program (USSALEP)

Public collections

IBM South Africa, Cape Town.
MTN, Johannesburg.
Anglovalal Mining Company, Johannesburg.
Fur Volkerkunde Museum, Hamburg, Germany.
Totem Meneghelli Gallery, Johannesburg.
Polokwane Art Museum, Polokwane.
University of Zululand, Richards Bay.
University Limpopo, Mankweng.
University of Venda, Thohoyandou.
The Ghandi Foundation, London.


Ayesha Price

Ayesha Price

b. Cape Town, 1975. Lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ayesha Price is an artist and art educator who works in various media. Ayesha Price often creates works that address issues concerning gender and cultural identity.

Arts Education

2008-present: Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of South Africa, Pretoria.
1996: Diploma in Education, Hewatt College of Education (in association with UCT).


2010: Principal, Zonnebloem Children’s Art Centre, Cape Town
2009 - 2010: Educator, Iziko South African National Gallery
2008 - 2009: Visual Arts Education Officer, Iziko South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town. 
1998-2006 Visual Arts Educator, Zonnebloem Children’s Art Centre, Cape Town.
2000: Fundraiser, South African National Zakaah Fund, Cape Town. 
1998 - present: Art educator and manager of art departments at Iziko South African National Gallery and The Children's Art Centre, Cape Town.
1997: Visual Arts Educator Grades 4-7, Battswood Art Centre

Solo Exhibitions (South Africa)

2013: Save the Princess, Lovell Gallery, Cape Town.
2012: Archiving the Modesty of the Cape Malay Woman, Art B Gallery, Bellville, South Africa.

Group Exhibitions (South Africa)

2016: Beyond Binaries, Essence Festival, Durban.
2015: Thupelo Cape Town Trust Exhibition, Provenance Auction House, Cape Town.
2007: Africa South, Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town.
2006: Artscape, Cape Town (for the Cape Town Festival). 
2005: Botaki 3 & 4, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Cape Town.
2004: Gender & Visuality Exhibition, University of the Western Cape (History Department), Battswood Gallery, Cape Town.
1999: DisNag, Iziko Slave Lodge & ART 1 Gallery, Cape Town.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2016: Delville Wood Museum, Longueval, France.

Workshops & ongoing community projects

2005 - present: District Six community workshops, Lydia Williams Centre, Cape Town.
2004 - present: Member of< /a>(voluntary organisation) with Cape Town artists to engage youth and communities through visual arts.
1997 - present: Assisting schools (Zonnebloem Girls Primary, St Agnes Primary, Wynberg Senior Secondary, Al-Wafaa Preschool, Walmer Primary) with banners, signs, stage props and decor, costumes, posters, exhibitions.

Workshops/Community projects (previous)

2016: District 6 Museum Peninsula Memory Project. Public participation to produce commemorative artworks. 
2015: Thupelo Artist’s Residency, Ruth Prowse, Cape Town.
2011: Mural Painting, Philadelphia University of the Arts, Cape Town & Philadelphia, United States of America.
2010: Strengths & Convictions, Nobel Peace Center & Iziko Museums, Cape Town.
2008 - 2010: Visual Arts Educator and Exhibition Designer for Peacejam Foundation Youth Programmes (Unesco funded project) at the District Six Museum and Iziko South African National Gallery Annexe.
2008 - 2009: Rivers of the World, workshops in Cape Town and exhibition in London (British Council).
2008 - 2009: Visual Arts Educator and Exhibition Coordinator for Peripheral Vision, a cultural youth exchange programme between District Six Museum and Swedish Arts and Culture Centres: Lava, Zenit, BotkyrkaKunstall.
2007 - 2008: Rivers of the World International Art Project, (worked with learners to produce artworks about the Liesbeeck River in Cape Town).
2007: Oorwinning Kanala, Photography workshop , Goodman Gallery, Cape Town
2007: Photographic workshop for District 6 youth with artists Hussein and Hassan Essop for the Goodman Gallery Cape at the Lydia Williams Centre.
2002: Isivivane solwazi, Robben Island Museum, South Africa & Devon County, United Kingdom.
2002: Visual Arts Educator, Isivivane Solwazi Art and Culture programme, Robben Island Museum Spring School.
1999: Mural painting facilitator, Words and Vision, Molo Songololo Productions.


Private, South Africa
Delville Wood Museum, Longueval, France


2014: Injustice, sculpture commissioned by V&A Minstrels for Cape Minstrel Carnival.
2005: Ti Koeli’s heritage, painting commissioned by The Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Art in Business exhibition at ArtsCape.
2000: Shine Where You Are: Lulama’s Blanket, Book illustrations commissioned by Institute for Democratic Alternatives in South Africa (IDASA).
1999: South African National Zakkaah fund. 


2013: The Excellence Certificate for top UNISA 4th year Visual Art student in SA


2006: Visual Art Adjudicator, Fairest Cape Association.
2005 - 2006: Contributor (text and photographs), Iziko EPP Publication Picasso and Africa.
2004: Reviewing & consulting arts & culture handbook for learners & Educators, Oxford University Press.
2003: Visual Art Adjudicator, Lovelife. Textile Workshop, MAPPP-SETA.
1997 - 2003: As member of the Arts Junction (youth arts productions) planned art workshops, exhibitions, production of posters, pamphlets, set & costume design
2000: Book illustrations for IDASA (Project Literacy). Book titles: Shine Where You Are; Lulama's Blanket.
1999: Member of the Arts Forum, based at Battswood Art Centre, Grassy Park, Cape Town.

Dathini Mzayiya

b. Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 1979. Lives in Cape Town.

Dathini Mzayiya skillfully blends drawing and painting in his striking renditions of everyday subjects.

Portrait of a Revolutionary edited by Nadine Cloete For African Noise Foundation. 

Umfanekiso ( Reflections)
Filmed by Dathini Mzayiya, edited by Caleb Heymann South Africa for the One Minute Video Festival.2008


2001: Community Arts Project, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.
2000: Graphic Design and Advertising, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town.
1999 Advertising and Marketing, Advertising College of South Africa, Cape Town.

Workshops & residencies

2015: Studio 147 Residency, Cape Town.
2009: Glenfiddich Artist in Residence, Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland.
2007: Arts and Media Access Centre (AMAC) students Workshop by City Skin design, Table Mountain, Cape Town.
2006: National Heritage Council, African Art Museum, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.
2006: Umsi (The smoke) painting workshop, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21 under UNESCO, Inda Gymnasium, Aachen, Germany.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21 at the train station, Aachen-Schanz, Germany.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Khayelitsha Training Centre, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Swop painting workshop with students from Mitchells Plain, Manneneberg and Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Painting workshop with AIDS-affected children from the Fikelela Children’s Home, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2004: Thupelo Workshop, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2002: Thupelo Artists Workshop, Annexe, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2002: Ukuzoba (To draw): From Representational Painting to Abstraction, Community Arts Project, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2002: Ukuzoba (To draw) public workshops, Baden, Austria; Villach, Switzerland, and Berlin (with Trish Lovemore and Boyce Magandela)
2002: Mural painting workshop, Nomlingaliselo Primary School, New Crossroads, Cape Town (with Sipho Hlathi, Lonwabo Kilani and Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi).

Solo exhibitions

2013: Onder die Reenboog Strale, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
2005: Pop-up exhibition, BBK Gallery, Aachen.

Group exhibitions

2020: Untitled 24.09, Gallery Fanon, Johannesburg.
2019: Kulcha Festival, St John’s College, Johannesburg.
2017: Athlone in Mind, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town. 
2018: Still Life and Life Drawings: A Moment Captured or Preserved?, Iziko South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2016: The Art of Humanity, The Pratt Institute, New York.
2016: People You May Know, Factory of the Arts, Cape Town.
2016: #SITDITAF, North West University Gallery, Mafikeng.
2015: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Rome.
2015: Map of the New Art, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice. 
2014: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Treviso.
2011: Kadafi, The Bag Factory, Johannesburg.
2010: The Glenffidich Artist in Residence, The Rainbow Experience Gallery, Mandela Rhodes Place, Cape Town.
2010: Nothing is Everything, Word of Art, Woodstock Industrial Centre, Cape Town.
2010: Ityala aliboli/Debt don’t rot, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.
2010: Milestones, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2010: 30 x 30 artists, Gill Allderman Gallery, Kenilworth, Cape Town.
2010: Botaki, Albany Museum, Grahamstown; Mecufe Festival, Bloemfontein.
2009: Umahluko Cape ’09, Lookout Hill, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2009: Dada South, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Untitled exhibition, Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland.
2008: Milk Can Art , 34 Long Street Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2008: Winter Open Studio, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2007: Africa South, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2007: Nine South African Artists, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
2006: Umsi/Smoke, AVA, Cape Town.
2006: Nine South African Artists, Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa.
2005: Atelier Haus Aachen Gallery (with Thulani Shuku), Aachen, Germany; Austria and Switzerland.
2004: Artwork Project, Chat Room Communication and Marketing, Cape Town.
2004: Studio exhibition (with Thulani Shuku), Mowbray, Cape Town.
2004: Live Action Painting on Canvas, Cape Town Festival, Company’s Gardens, Cape Town.
2003: Art Angels, Gardens Presbyterian Church, Gardens, Cape Town.
2003: Angels without Wings, Cape Of Good Hope Castle, Cape Town.
2003: Vision, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
2003: Workshop exhibitions (with Boyce Magandela and Trish Lovemore), Maria: Wörth, Reifnitz, Lienz and Kitzbuhel, Austria.
2002: Absolut Secret 7: Absolut Voyeur, AVA, Cape Town.
2002: Members exhibition, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2002: Galerie Halde 14, Balden, Switzerland.
2002: Why Cry?, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock.
2002: Ukozoba (To draw) workshop exhibition, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2002: Thupelo workshop exhibition, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2001: Afro metamorphosis’, Community Arts Project (CAP), Cape Town.

Gugulective Exhibitions

2014: Gugulective Arts Collective exhibition during Creative Week 2014, KwaMlamli’s Place, Gugulethu, Cape Town.
2010: 1910-2010: From Pierneef to Gugulective, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Subversion, Gugulective Arts Collective exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.
2008: South Africa Performs, HAU Theatre, Berlin (As part of Gugulective Arts Collective and with other global collectives)
2007: Akuchanywa Apha (No pissing), Gugulective, KwaMlamli’s Place, Guguletu; Blank Projects, Cape Town.


Youth Veteran Award from Khayelitsha Youth Development Forum (KYDF), Cape Town.


Foreign Press Centre, Cape Town
Chris Barnard Heart Centre, UCT
Villach Town Hall, Austria
Private collections in South Africa and Europe

Mario Pissarra, Dathini Mzayiya: Umsi, (ASAI, 2006).

Ben Verghese, Dathini Mzayiya: Letting the music take him, (ASAI, 2020).

Dolla Sapeta

Dolla Sapeta

b. New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 1967.

Mxolisi Dolla Sapeta is a painter and writer. Dolla Sapeta explores issues of alienation and dehumanisation in the contemporary urban environment.


Art Education

2016: Master of Arts in Creative Writing, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.
1999: Drawing Certificate, University of South Africa.
1999: Fine Arts National Diploma, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.
1998: Foundation Art Studies, Intec College. 

Solo Exhibitions

2013: Bloodline v Deadline, Storefront Art Space, Pittsfield, USA.
2013 - 2014: Midlife Colour, Atheneum Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth. 
2009: New World Other, Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2007: Detached, Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2005: Shifting Centers, Green Gallery, Grahamstown.
2000: Makwerekwere, The Nativ Kollektive Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
1998: Fragile Society, Cuyler Street Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.

Group Exhibitions - International

2019: Nando’s and Spier Trust, 1-54 Contemporary Art Fair, London.
2014: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Treviso, Italy.
2015: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Rome.
2015: Map of the New Art, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice. 
2016: The Art of Humanity, The Pratt Institute, New York.
2014: Liminal Reclamation, Old School, New York.
2008: Frolunda Culturhus, Goteborg, Sweden.
2008: Netherlands Art Fair, Amsterdam.
2002: 4th Pan-Africanist Circle of Artists (PACA) Biennale, Lagos.

Group Exhibitions - South Africa

2018: Collective Ink, GFI Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth. 
2017: Collector’s Edition II, Gallerie Noko, Port Elizabeth.
2017: The Spier Creative Block, GFI Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth. 
2016: The Circus and the Zoo, Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town.
2015: Dialogue, William Humphrey Art Gallery, Kimberley.
2014: Here Be The Dragon, Underculture Contemporary Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2014: Art Action with Ian von Mementry in Aid of St Francis Hospice, GIF Contemporary Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2014: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Biennial Exhibition, The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Port Elizabeth.
2014: A Shade of Pink, Gallerie Noko, Port Elizabeth.
2014: Xpressions: 2014 Biannual Fine Art Exhibition, ART Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2014: 4:40, ART Gallery, Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown National Festival, Grahamstown.
2014: Food for thought, ART gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2013: ART Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2012: National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
2007: Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2007: Surface Tension, Heidi Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2003: "Window-dress puppet master versus institution chicken boy", Cuyler Street Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2001: Pty. L.T.D., EPSAC Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth.

Workshops & Residencies

2015: “Singaphi” Environmental Public Art Community Project”, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth.
2013: IS183 Berkshire Residency Program, Massachusetts.
2012: Spoken Word and Music Mamela Festival, poetry participant, The Port Elizabeth Opera House, Port Elizabeth.
2011: Storefront Projects Art Residency, Massachusetts.
2011: Art Omi international Residency program, New York.
2008: KV Konstskola, facilitated workshop, Göteborg, Sweden.
2008: Magisterelever Konst Hogskolan,  Valand Academy, Göteborg, Sweden.
2008: Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery, facilitated workshop, Cape Town.
1994-95: Gerard Sekoto annual children’s day workshop, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Port Elizabeth.
1991-1993: NACOSA Aids Awareness workshop, Port Elizabeth.


2013: Judge, ABSA L’atelier National Arts Competition, Johannesburg.
2010: Public sculpture, Donkin Reserve, Port Elizabeth.
2006: Public mosoaic, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality commission, New Brighton Township, Port Elizabeth. 
2006: The Tower, a public collaboration of mosaic design between Ayanda Mji and Mxolisi Dolla Sapeta, eMbizweni Public Square, Port Elizabeth.
2003: Judge, ABSA L’atelier National Arts Competition, Johannesburg.
2002: Co-Curator, Changing Attitudes, PACA Biennale, Pendulum Art Gallery, Lagos; University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.
2001: Commissioned by the Department of Road Safety to execute murals in Port Elizabeth, Graaf Reinet and Uitenhage.
1999: Co-executed a monumental wall at the Grand Hotel, Port Elizabeth.
1996: Commissioned by the Department of Health, Aids Awareness mural, Brista House building, Port Elizabeth.


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.
Pan African Circle of Artists (PACA), Enugu, Nigeria.
Omi International Art Centre, New York, USA.



Donovan Ward

b. Cape Town, 1962. Lives and works in Cape Town.

Working innovatively with found objects, images, text and paint, Donovan Ward provocatively addresses issues of globalisation and identity.

Coloured by the Other

© Donovan Ward, 03/04/2012

Ideally art is a space for exploration, playing and learning. This work is the antithesis of creativity as its producers abdicate their individualised voices to work within a predetermined framework. This work is presented as a primed, colour by numbers canvas with a portrait, in black line, of an influential, powerful recognisable person who €œspeaks for government and who has gained notoriety for his racialised comments. The lines mark out areas where 10 premixed colours are to be applied. Each area is numbered to correspond to the supplied colours. Viewers are invited to assist in sequentially painting it by referring to the colour code and painting instructions. The completed painting reveals this subject’s altered identity. The restrictive, predictable method and outcome of production also metaphorically illustrates the simplistic way people are essentialised or constructed by power elites .

Donovan Ward,
Ingekleur: Outside The Lines The AVA Gallery, Cape Town l 12 March – 4 April 2012

Guguletu Seven Memorial

© Donovan Ward & Paul Hendricks, 15/03/2006

On 3 March 1986 in the township of Guguletu, seven youth were murdered by the South African state. The Guguletu Seven memorial, dedicated to these seven youth who lost their lives during the liberation struggle, is located in close proximity to where the killings occurred. The memorial is built from Rustenberg granite, steel, screws, tile adhesive, bronze, bricks, cement and concrete. The sculpture represents a discontinuous wall like structure. The seven figures cut out from the concrete and granite slabs speak to the seven families and the nation’€™s loss. The poses representing the seven youth are suggestive of play, dance and resistance, as it seeks to capture their humanity and spirit despite their absence. Their silhouetted forms are derived from the stenciled and spray-can art of the 1980s. On the supporting plinth, beneath each figure, is a bronze plaque with information on it dedicated to one of the youth. Each one of the seven youth are represented in this way. The bronze plaques do not all bear portraits and dates of birth (due to the non-availability of personal details of certain of the youth). Each of the seven plaques however contain the name and date-of-death of the youth. The layout and wording of the plaques are styled on the silk-screened type commemorative posters of the 1980s. The work pays tribute to and commemorates those who made the ultimate sacrifice to build a better South Africa and indeed world. The work is also representative of nation building, as it displays elements of ruin or incompleteness juxtaposed with areas that appears to have been recently built, thus echoing the Nicaraguan woman poet Vidaluz Meneses message: “Pain has been our challenge and the future our hope. We build as though composing a poem: writing, erasing, and creating anew”. These words reflect the spirit of the memorial, as it captures elements of completeness and incompleteness; ruin and visible structure, regularity and irregularity, asserting graphically and symbolically potential, possibility and hope.

Donovan Ward & Paul Hendricks Details of image: Finished drawing for Memorial

Barbie Bartmann: Homecoming Queen

© Donovan Ward, 11/12/2005

Generalized representations become fixed within a culture and conceptualized as if ‘true’€™ because constant repetition in a variety of forms and locales validate the oft repeated image and lends credibility to mytholised forms. Barbara Buntman, Whose Identity do we see? Born in 1789 in the vicinity of the Eastern Cape, Sara Bartmann lived for a short period as a slave near Cape Town. Baptised in in 1811 as Sara Bartmann, a ‘Hottentot’ from the Cape Colony, her indigenous name is unknown to us. It was in England and later Paris that Sara Bartmann was displayed as a sexualized exotic object, and subjected to medical and anthropological scrutiny. In Paris she allegedly lived as a prostitute, and after her death there in 1818 her dissected body was displayed at the Musee de l’Homme as a museum curiosity. It was only 184 years later, in 2002, that her remains were repatriated to her homeland, where she was buried as a Khoisan woman near the little town of Hankey . Sara Bartmann has become a controversial and contentious historical figure, as many groups and individuals claim the right to represent her, and have contested the various roles she apparently assumed. Sara Bartmann most probably belonged to the Gonaqua tribe, and was called many things in her lifetime. These included a ‘€˜slave’€™, ‘€˜Hottentot’€™, ‘€˜showgirl’€™ and ‘prostitute’€™. Presently she continues to be labeled an ‘exotic aboriginal woman’, ‘Khoisan woman’€™, ‘ouma’€™, ‘mama’, and ‘€˜mother of the nation’€™. This work attempts to explore the complexity of an African Identity as it relates to Sara Bartmann. It challenges stereotypical representations of community and fixed identities associated with race, class, culture and language. While on the one hand this work acknowledges Sara Bartmann as a national icon symbolizing South Africa’s fragmented history, I also selected her image to highlight the manner in which historical images and symbols have been appropriated and commodified in a world of commercial interests.

Donovan Ward

The Corporate Garden

Power in its various forms often overrides as well as mimics ethical and environmental interests. This artwork informs and is informed by my ongoing observations of dislocation, erasure and substitution.

Past land theft and new forms of dispossession, particularly gentrification, the desecration of burial sites by property developers, and more generally the erasure of physical memory, one that connects people to history, are engaged with in varying degrees in this artwork. Alluded to in this piece as well, are forms of real estate development, which corresponds with global neo-liberal models that drive ‘development’ projects but are disproportionately harmful to the environment and human beings.

Made from fabricated, organic and inorganic objects, this art piece, the size of a grave, constitutes a landscape embodying contradiction, contrast and paradox. The fictitious sections of the work include plastic flowers, razor wire, cement, and a synthetic lawn used at burial ceremonies superimposed on indigenous flora and fauna. Remnants of the natural environment were collected from the lower slopes of Table Mountain, close to an encroaching residential area, and incorporated into the work; they include bone fragments, dead insects, stones, bits of dried indigenous plants, leaves and gravel.

Through juxtaposing the artificial with the real and superimposing the synthetic over the natural, this work speaks to the displacement of the natural and native by imitation and simulation. It, moreover, points to the paradoxical role of technology in exposing yet furthering the ‘dis-placement’ and ‘re-placement’ of the natural and indigenous with simulated fictive environments.

Donovan Ward

Art Education

1991: Part-time (sculpture), Community Arts Project, Woodstock, Cape Town.
1982-1985: Ruth Prowse School of Art, Salt River, Cape Town.

Workshops & Residencies

2019: Sans Frontier, Hardground Printmakers, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2016: Sans frontiers, Hard Ground Printmakers, The Home Coming Centre, Cape Town.
2015: In Print/In Focus, Michaelis Gallery, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.
2013: Local Artists Public Artmaking Project, Lentegeur Civic Office, Mitchells Plain,  Cape Town.
2009: Drakenstein Remembers June 16 Visual Art Workshop, Cape Winelands, Western Cape. 
2004: 10, Castle of Goodhope, Cape Town.
2002: Spirit of the Place, Bangor, Wales.
1995: Thupelo Workshop, Cape Town.

Solo exhibitions

2014: Brutalised Barbie, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2005: Barbie Bartmann: Homecoming Queen, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2002: Ash, Dust and Trade Marks, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.
1998: Residues and Emergences, Mau Mau Gallery, Cape Town.

Group exhibitions (local)

2019: There and back to see how far it is, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2016: Beyond Binaries, Essence Festival, Durban.
2015: In Print/In Focus, Michaelis Gallery, University of Cape Town.
2012: Ingekleur: Outside the Lines, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
20011-12: Natural Selection, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2010: View from the South, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: In Black and White, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Sex Power Money, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Wood, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2007: ReCenter, X Cape, Look Out Hill, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2007: Africa South, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2007: Greenhouse: From Painting to Plastic, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Somerset West, South Africa.
2006: Anthology, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2006: 20 artists 06, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.
2006: 20 artists 06, Art on Paper Gallery, Johannesburg.
2005: Botaki Exhibition 3, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Cape Town.
2005: Man, Rust-En-Vrede Gallery, Cape Town.
2004: Upfront and Personal, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2004: Botaki, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Cape Town.
2004: Art Cool, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town. 
2004: Gender and Visuality, University of the Western Cape, Bellville.
2004: 10, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2003: Supermarket, Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees, Oudtshoorn, South Africa. 
2001: Telling Tales, 3rd I Gallery, Cape Town.
2000: Allsorts, Bell-Roberts Gallery.
2000: Praat, Thetha, Talk, Idasa Gallery, Cape Town.
2000: One City Festival, Returning the Gaze, Public Art Project, Cape Town.
1999: Prophecy 2000, 3rd I Gallery, Cape Town.
1999: New Beginnings, Battswood Art Centre, Grassy Park, Cape Town.
1998: Dis Nag, Iziko South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town.
1998: Urban Objects of Desire, Mau Mau Gallery, Cape Town.
1998: Ekhaya, Tsoga Environmental Resource Centre, Langa, Cape Town.
1997: District Six Public Sculpture Project, District Six, Cape Town.
1997: The Legacy of Steve Biko, District Six Museum, Cape Town.
1997: Committees Choice, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
1996: Barricaded Rainbow…,  Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.
1996: 5 Cape Artists, Iziko South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town.
1996: Beyond the Rainbow, Athlone Civic Centre, Cape Town.
1995: Outsider Art, Market Gallery, Johannesburg.
1995: Volkskas Atelier Award National Exhibition, University of Stellenbosch.
1995: Volkskas Atelier Award Regional Exhibition, South African Association of Arts, Cape Town.
1994: Man on Woman, Seeff Trust Art Gallery, Cape Town.
1993: The Art of Peace, Seeff Trust Art Gallery, Cape Town.
1991: Community Arts Project Exhibition, Woodstock, Cape Town.
1990: Pieces of Africa, Athlone Technical College, Cape Town.

Group exhibitions (international)

2007: Apartheid/ the South African Mirror, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain.
2007: Uniform: South Africa’s New Clothes, Spanierman Modern, New York.
2007: The Art of Revolution, Saba Cultural and artistic Institute, Tehran.
2002: DAK’ART 2002 Biennale, Dakar, Senegal.
2001-2003: Spirit of the Place, Bangor, Wales.

Other projects

2019-2020: Exhibition Designer, Robben Island Museum, Cape Town.
2018-19: Mural Artwork Coordinator, Pelican Park Community Day Centre, Cape Town.
2017-18: Exhibition Designer, Robben Island Museum Restoration Project, Cape Town.
2016: District 6 Clinic Art Workshop, Facilitator District 6 Museum, Cape Town.
2015-1016: Project Manager & Exhibition Designer, Delville Wood Transformation Project, France.
2013: Artwork Coordinator & Facilitator, Lentegeur Civic Office, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town.
2009: Artwork Coordinator and Facilitator, Drakenstein Remembers June 16 Visual Art Workshop, Cape Winelands, Western Cape.
1999: Anti Racism mural (in collaboration with artists and learners), Landsdowne Public Library, Cape Town.

Public collections

Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
Durban Art Gallery, Durban.
Delville Wood South African National Museum, Longueval, France.
University of South Africa, Pretoria.

Private collections

ESKOM Art Collection
The Ellerman House Collection
The Earl of Spencer Collection
Annette and Peter Nobel Collection


2016: Devils Wood, Delville Wood South African National Museum, Longueval, France.
2011: UDF Memorial, Rocklands Civic Centre Mitchells plain, Commissioned by the City of Cape Town[ In collaboration with Paul Hendricks].
2011: Ashley Kriel Memorial, Community House, Salt River, Cape Town.
2010: Building and Wood Workers International, Trophy Design.
2009: Media & Labour Award Design, Workers World Media Productions.
2006: Meru, Artwork Commission, Safmarine.
2006: Basil D’Olivera Memorial, Sunday Times Heritage Project, Newlands Stadium, Cape Town.
2005: 20 Artists 06, digital print, Bell-Roberts Gallery.
2005: Gugulethu 7 Memorial, in collaboration with Paul Hendricks, Provincial Government &amp and City Council .
2004: Art Cool, LG electronics.
2002: Book cover, International Labour Resource & Information Group.
1995: Right to Work, mural/ large painting on board, WLP, with Paul Hendricks.

Publications (catalogues)

2020: Segregation, Inequality, and Urban Development, Sara Dekhordi, Pollux, Open Access Publication.
2015: Biko’s Ghost, Shannen Hill, University of Minnesota Press.
2011: Visual Century, Vol.4, Wits University Press & the Visual Century Project.
2010: NY Arts,Vol 15, Fall, 2010.
2010: Press Art Sammlung Catalogue, Annette and Peter Nobel Collection.
2009: Public Sculpture, Statues & Memorials ….An Ibhabhathane Project
2007: Apartheid / The South African Mirror, Exhibition Catalogue
2007: From Weapon to Ornament, John Bernt, AMAC Heritage Series
2005: Mario Pissarra, Botaki Exhibition 3, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Cape Town.
2004: Mario Pissarra, Botaki, Omam, Cape Town.
2004: 10, Everard Read. Art Cool. Upfront and Personal.
2002: Dak’ art: Biennale de l’ Art Africain Contemporain, Dakar.
2001: Spirit of the Place exhibition catalogue. 
2001: Returning the Gaze Public Arts Project exhibition catalogue. 
1997: District Six Public Sculpture Project Catalogue
1997: The McCabe Gallery Catalogue
1997: Volkskas Atelier Award Catalogue

Publications (reviews)

2005: M. Pissarra, Donovan Ward, Art South Africa Vol. 4 Issue 1, p. 83.
2004: M. Pro Sobopha, 10, Art South Africa Vol. 2 Issue 4, p. 72.

Publications (other)

2003: Africa e Mediterraneo, Issue 41.
2001: M. Pro Sobopha, Returning the Gaze, NKA Journal of Contemporary Art, 13/14, pp. 56-61.

Awards/ Prizes

1993: First prize, The Art of Peace, Seef Trust Art Gallery, Cape Town.

Awards/ Grants

2002: Cape Tercentenary Foundation


Mario Pissarra, Barbie Bartmann: Homecoming Queen [review](ASAI, 2005).

Ennri Kums

Ennri Kums (Henry Coombes)

b. Mauritius 1948. Lives in Port Louis, Mauritius.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ennri Kums (aka Henry Koombes/ Coombes) is an artist and illustrator. A self-taught artist, Ennri Kums deals directly with themes of sexuality and death in his works, with a strong homo-erotic focus. He is the creator of the Adventures of Tikulu, a series of books aimed at children. 

Art Education



2018: D’Éros Et d’Épines, Artelier, Port-Louis, Mauritius.
2015: Eros Thanatos, Imaaya Art Gallery, Mauritius.
2010: Sensored, Imaaya Art Gallery, Mauritius.
2000: Millennium Exhibition, Mauritius.
1998: Sequences 3, MOBAA Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius.
1998: Art in the world, Paris.
1998: Seychelles Biennale, Seychelles Islands.
1998: L’Art Dans Le Monde, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Paris.
1997: New Delhi Triennial, India.
1997: Suites Africaines, Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris.
1996: Un incomparable de Kums, La Fabriks, Marseille.
1996: Novante Nova Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1996: L’Etoile Noire, Salle Clément Ader, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.
1993: Art Contemporain en Francophonie, Port-Louis, Mauritius.
1993: Centre Wallonie, Bruxelle, Belgium and Paris.
1992: Esta Novo Gallery, Tokyo. 
1992: Maison Créole d’Eureka, Mauritius.
1992: The Group of Nine, Port Louis, Mauritius Hill, Mauritius.
1989: Maison Créole d’Eureka, Mauritius. 
1988: Black Bull Gallery Fulham Road, London.
1986: Hélène de Senneville Gallery, Mauritius.
1985: Cadre Noir, Reunion.
1984: Cultural Center Charles Baudelaire, Rose-Hill, Mauritius


1995: Concours de Beats (with Dominic Larrivaz), Merlan Theater, Marseille, France
1995: Musical comedy Mokko, Whiting Theater, Marseille, France
1994: Musical comedy Mokko (sets, costume, actor), Port Louis Theater, Mauritius


1997: La Fabriks, Marseille, France.
1996: Rotterdam, Netherlands.
1995: Marseille, France.

Childrens books

1998-present: Creator and illustrator a series of children’s books entitled The Adventures of Tikulu



b. 1979, Cape Town. Lives in Los Angeles, USA. Faith XLVII (previously Faith47) is a street and studio-based artist who works with a wide range of media.  Her approach is explorative and substrate appropriate – from found and rescued objects, to time-layered and history-textured city walls and their accretions, to studio prepared canvas and wood. Her murals can be found in many cities in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia.

Solo Exhibitions

2018: Elixir, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Miami.
2015: AQUA REGALIA, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York. 
2014: Aqua Regalia, London, UK
2013: Fragments of a burnt history, David Krut Gallery, Johannesburg.
2009: Epitaph, Mrego, Brussels. 
2008: The Restless Debt Of Third World Beauty, Atm Gallery, Berlin.
2008: The Restless Debt Of Third World Beauty, The Woom Gallery, Birmingham, UK

Group Exhibitions - International

2020: One World, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Miami. 
2020: Unprecedented Times, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Vienna.
2019: 20 Year Anniversary Exhibition, Cory Helford Gallery, Los Angeles.
2019: Together, KP Projects Gallery, Los Angeles.
2019: Conquête Urbaine, Calais Museum of Fine Art, Paris. 
2019: Veni, Vidi, Vinci, Fluctuart, Paris.
2019: Tàpia, B-Murals, Barcelona. 
2019: Capture the Street, River Tales, Germany.
2019: We Rise, Los Angeles, USA.
2019: Beyond the Streets, New York City.
2019: Women in Street Art, Bernard Magrez Foundation, France.
2019: Art Miami, Miami.
2019: Art Basel, Miami. 
2018: One Way Through, Heron Gallery, San Francisco. 
2018: Women in Street Art, The Bernard Magrez Foundation, Paris. 
2018: True Will, Chins Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
2018: Moniker Art Fair, New York and London.
2018: Art Miami, Fabien Casteneir Gallery, Miami.
2018: Art Basel Miami, Miami.
2017: Urban Currents, Gallerie Kirk, Denmark.
2017: Magic Cities, Munich, Germany.
2017: the UrbanArt Biennale® , UNESCO Voelklinger Huette World heritage site,  Germany.
2017: Homeless, Void Projects, Miami.
2016: XX: A moment in time, Saatchi Gallery, London.
2016: Freedom as Form, Wunderkameren Gallery, Milan. 
2016: PM10, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin. 
2016: Agitprop, Brooklyn Museum, New York. 
2014: Artscape , Malmoe, Sweden.
2014: Forest for the trees mural festival, Portland.
2014: Rencontres Australes d’Imaitsoanala, Antananaraivo, Madagascar.
2014: A study of Hair, Backwoods Galley, Melbourne.
2014: Redux , Inoperable Gallery, Vienna.
2014: Outdoor Urban art festival, Rome, Italy.
2014: Wywood walls, Art Basel, Miami.
2013: Anniversary Group Show ,White Walls Gallery, San Fransisco.
2013: Memorie Urbane Contemporary Festival, Gaeta, Italy.
2013: Escape the Golden Cage , Vienna, Austria.
2013: XII. Into the Dark, Unit44, The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle.
2013: Scupltura Viva International Symposium, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.
2013: DOS, Toronto.
2013: Women on the walls, Jeffrey Deitch and Wynwood Walls, Miami. 
2013: Beyond Eden, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles.
2013: Wall Therapy, New York. 
2013: Wooster Collective 10 Year Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York. 
2013: Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway.
2013: Avant-Garde Urbano Festival, Tudela de Navarra, Spain.
2013: Los Muros Hablan, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
2012: Antenna Garden, Rtist Gallery, Melbourne.
2012: Carbon Event, Melbourne.
2012: Warrington Museum, London.
2012: Herzensbrecher, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin.
2012: Kulturhuset , Stockholm.
2012: Wynood Walls, Miami.
2011: Urban Painting, Milan.
2011: MSA Gallery, Paris.
2011: Urban Mural Project, Greece. 
2011: Gossip Well Told, Second Edition, Warrington Museum, London.
2011: City Leaks Festival, Cologne.
2011: Inner Walls, Milan.
2011: Les murs litinerrance, Paris.
2011: Gossip Well Told, Blackall Studio, London.
2011: Visual Intervention, Rochester.
2011: Archetypes, View Art Gallery, England.
2011: Artmosh, Munich.
2011: Wuppertal Museum, Germany. 
2010: Moniker Art Fair, London.
2010: Stroke03 Art Fair, Berlin.
2010: Escape 2010, Veinna.
2010: Biennial, Sao Paulo.
2010: Urbanus International Mural Project, China.
2010: Focus10, Switzerland.
2010: Le Salon Du Cercle De La Culture A Berlin, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin.
2010: Design For Humanity, Thinkspace, Los Angeles.
2010: or Those Who Live In It…, Mu Gallery, Eindhoven.
2010: Muao Project, A Coruna, Spain. 
2010: Paint Your Faith, Aayden Gallery, Vancouver.
2010: A Cry For Help, Thinkspace, Los Angeles. 
2009: The Generations, The Showroom Gallery, New York.
2009: Artmosh, Paris.
2009: Artotale International Mural Project, Lueneberg, Germany.
2009: No New Enemies , Mr Ego, Brussels. 
2009: Four, 34 Long Fine Art Gallery , Cape Town.
2008: 1st Internationale Graffiti Bienale, belo Horizonte, Brazil. 
2008: Anything Could Happen, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles. 
2008: Fatally Yours, Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles.
2007: Crossover, Showroom Gallery, New York.
2007: Be Girl Be, Jntermedia Arts, Minneapolis.
2007: Pick Of The Harvest: Batch Four, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles.
2005: Subglob, Orebro, Sweden
2005: Go Gallery, Amsterdam

Group Exhibitions - South Africa

2020: Staring Straight to the Future, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2020: PINK, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg. 
2020: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town. 
2019: On Main Road, Constitution Hill Women’s Jail, Johannesburg, South Africa 
2019: FNB Art Joburg, Johannesburg.
2018: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town. 
2017: Dislocation, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.
2017: Invisible Exhibition, The Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg.
2017: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town.
2011: Outside, 34 Long Gallery, Cape Town.
2010: Cool Stuff, 34 Fine Art Gallery, Cape Town. 
2010: Nothing Is Everything, Word Of Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Group Soup, Word Of Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2007: The Art Of The Living Dead, Baseline Studios, Johannesburg. 
2006: New Suburbia, Pretoria.
2006: Lines Of Attitude, South Africa and Kenya. 

Murals - International

2020: Y/our Vote, USA. 
2019: Universal Studios Indoor Artwork Commission, Los Angeles. 
2019: Dictator Art Installation, Columbia.
2019: United Labor Organization 100 Year Mural, New York City.
2019: Maya Angelou School Mural Upliftment Project, Los Angeles. 
2019: Mural Arts Large Mural Production, Philadelphia.
2019: Projection Mapping Mural, BLINK, Cincinnati. 
2019: RED, Mural Project for HIV Awareness, Lyon.
2018: Summit LA18, Los Angeles. 
2017: Artscape Festival, Sweden.
2017: Art Republic Mural Project, Jacksonville. 
2017: Art Council Public art intervention, New Orleans.
2017: Art Miami, Juxtapoz Clubhouse installation, Miami. 
2016: Cities of Hope Mural Project, Manchester. 
2016: Inter|urban Mural Project, Cleaveland. 
2016: Wynwood Walls, Art Basel, Miami.
2015: The Psychic Power of Animals Street Intervention, New York. 
2015: Dragon Tiger Mountain Mural Project, Nanachang, China.
2015: Pow Wow Taiwan, Taipei. 
2015: Ono’u Mural Project, Tahiti.
2015: Festival Mural, Montreal, Canada.
2015: Murals for Oceans Expedition Mural Project, Cozumel, Mexico.
2014: 5 Sector Mural Project, Glasgow.
2014: Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary Group Show, Paris.
2014: Djerbahood, Djerba, Tunisia.
2013: Pow Wow Mural Project, Hawaii.
2013: Upfest Mural Project, Bristol.
2013: MAUS Mural Project, Malaga, Spain.
2012: Mural Project, Tel Aviv.
2012: Aarhus International Mural Project, Aarhus, Denmark.
2012: Mural Project, Sion, Switzerland.
2012: Mural Project, Melun, France.
2012: Paris Free Walls, Paris.
2012: Wall Therapy, Mural Project, New York.
2012: World Open Walls, Miami.

Murals - South Africa

2017: Johannesburg Mural, Sandton. 
2016: 1200 - 900 BC, Cape Town, South Africa. 
2016: Unearth, Napier, South Africa. 
2015: Landfill Meditation Street Intervention, Johannesburg.
2015: Feet Don't Fail Me Now, Johannesburg. 
2014: A Study of Warwick Triangle at Rush Hour, Durban.
2015: Una Salus Victus Nullam Sperare Salutem, Johannesburg, 2015.
2014: Harvest, Cape Town. 
2012: The Long Wait, Johannesburg.

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