Deviant Museums Plan Secession (OPINION pt. 4)

Photo of Deviant Museums Plan Secession (OPINION pt. 4)

Mario Pissarra, 3 February 2014

Note: This was originally posted on ASAI Connect on 10 January 2014.

Following rumours of endemic discontent within the Iziko Consortium of Excellence, the cultural terrorists calling themselves OPINION (Our Public Institutions Need Intervention Or Not) paid a clandestine visit… to the Iziko West Coast Fossil Park. There they were shocked to discover an Iziko site without its sacred logo.


Thinking that this was tangible evidence of a brewing insurrection, OPINION got terribly excited. However, this was dampened when it was explained that, contrary to the name, the Park is not one of Iziko’s museums but rather a “partner”…

Still puzzled what benefits being part of Iziko has for individual museums, apart from strangling them? Do the answers to the riddle lie undiscovered in the Fossil Park? Does anyone care?


Post-script: Since publishing this piece it has come to our attention that many readers have not been familiar with the origins of the ‘no logo’ element in the graphic above. It is, of course, a respectful nod to Naomi Klein’s seminal critique of branding culture, No Logo, which should be compulsory reading for the senior management of Iziko Museums.

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