OPINION Strikes Again! (OPINION pt 3)

POSTED ON: February 3, 2014 IN Mario Pissarra, Opinion, Word View, Word View Authors

Mario Pissarra, 3 February 2014

Note: This was originally posted on ASAI Connect on 19 December 2013

Babel O. Piziko, contemporary spokesperson for OPINION (Our Public Institutions Need Intervention Or Not), has released a third set of multiple-choice questions designed to test public knowledge and perceptions of Iziko Museums of Somewhere or Other.


Take the test! Do not be afraid of failure!

[The Questionnaire part 3]

Iziko’s budget

– Demonstrates a serious commitment from the Department of Arts & Culture
– Is fairly distributed across the individual museums
– Pays for excess baggage
– Will not be televised

The entrance fee at Iziko Museums is

– A desperate plea for funding
– Designed to deter the rabble
– Cheap for visiting aliens
– Waived for the solar eclipse, apocalypse and other important family days

Senior management of Iziko travel

– When necessary and appropriate, in pursuit of strategic objectives
– If and when they can
– Because they are the only ones capable of representing the interests of the institution
– Because they have no work to do

A researcher in the natural sciences at Iziko Museums is

– performing cutting-edge stuff
– A recently discovered fossil
– On a mission from God
– Manufacturing weapons of mass instruction

A researcher in the social sciences at Iziko Museums is

– An anonymous intern
– A curator working after hours
– A motif in a surrealist painting
– Employed by pest control

Disgruntled staff employees at Iziko

– Raise concerns confident that these will be addressed
– Are scared of losing their jobs
– Are counting down to retirement
– Talk in their sleep