Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja

b. 1987, Katatura, Namibia; lives in Katatura/ Cape Town.

Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja is a performer, educator and writer with practice-research interests in performance, archives and public culture. His research on Oudano — an African concept of performance — looks at its mobilisations of queer praxis, sonic and movement formation, as well as critical pedagogies and spatialities.


Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja is a performer, educator and writer with practice-research interests in performance, archives and public culture. He is currently completing his PhD research work at the University of Cape Town, with a thesis on Oudano, an African concept of performance. This study looks at how Oudano mobilises queer praxis, sonic and movement formation as well as critical pedagogies and spatialities.

Mushaandja’s work has been performed widely at festivals, museums, theatres and archives in Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Cameroon and Namibia. Previous records of Mushaandja’s performance work as Tschuku Tschuku include Black Bantu Child (2012) and Trance !Namib Freedom Station (2017). The latest Tschuku record Ondaanisa yo pOmudhime was released in September 2021 and is available on all online platforms and on CD. Mushaandja’s latest performance project is ZILIN: for the first and future African sonic stars was premiered in 2021 at the National Arts Festival (Makhanda, South Africa) and Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurich, Switzerland) where it was awarded the ZKB Public Choice Award.


2018: [ongoing] PhD, Performance Studies, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.

Thesis: "Oudano Praxis: Movement, Audiotopia & Archive" 

2015: Master of Arts, Applied Theatre: (Social, Educational and Community Contexts), University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Thesis: "The performer as shaman: an auto ethnographic performance as research project"

2013: Master of Arts, Performing Arts, University of Namibia, Windhoek.

Thesis: "Organizational Theatre as Applied Theatre in the Namibian context: A case study"

2010 Bachelor of Arts, Media Studies and Performing Arts, University of Namibia, Windhoek.

Performances (Namibia & International)

ondaanisa yo pOmudhime (The Dance of the Rubber Tree)

2020: Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich, Switzerland.
2019: The Burden of Memory, Yaoundé, Cameroon; Spielart, Munich, Germany; Infecting the City Public Art Festival, Cape Town, South Africa; Basler Afrika Bibliographien and Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland; Owela Festival, National Theatre of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia; Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen & TAK Theatre, Berlin, Germany; Impossible Bodies Festival, Kunstlerhaus Musountrum, Frankfurt, Germany.
2018: Museum am Rothenbaum, Kulturen und Künste der Welt & M. Bassy, Hamburg, Germany.

Other Performances

2018: Site-specific performance, Live Museum of Afrotekismo and the Future Africa Visions in Time (FAVT), Old Location Cemetery, Windhoek.
2017: CIS/SIES Dolly Potgieter and Other National Trashisms, Kalahari International Art Festival, Windhoek & StartArt Gallery, Windhoek.
2016: The State of (with Oupa Sibeko), part of "Conversations", National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek.
2014 - 2015: Eenganga: Translations and Trace formation, MA Performance as research (autoethnography) project, University of Witwatersrand, Johanesburg.
2014: Performance, Camel Stables, Windhoek.
2014: The Journey of Connection: Reflecting on the paths and patterns of human connection, Participatory Design Conference, Windhoek.
2014: Aluta’s Children: Re-visiting the footsteps of the Namibian struggle child through the lenses of disorder and inequality,, Independent Theatre solo performance, Theatre School, Windhoek.


2018 - 2019: Ovizire Somgu: From where do we speak?, MARKK & M.Bassy, Hamburg, Germany.


2019: Prohelvetia Artist in Residence, Atelier Mondial and Basler Afrika Bibliographien, Basel, Switzerland. [Archival and performance research] 2018: Research Centre for Hamburg’s (Post)Colonial Legacy, University of Hamburg, Germany. [Archival and performance research]


2021: Zürcher Kantonalbank Price for Public Choice [for ZILIN Performance], Zürcher theater spektakel, Zurich, Switzerland.

Conference Presentations

2016: "Eenganga: Translations & Trance Formation," Third Space Symposium: Decolonization and the creative arts, Institute for Creative Arts, University of Cape Town & 2016 AFTA Annual International Conference: Paradigm Shifts in African Theatre and Performance, University of Abuja, Nigeria. [performance presentation] 2015: "The performer as Shaman," Drama for Life Annual Conference: Re/Location: Dis/Location: Migration, Culture & Public Health, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique.
2014: "The Journey of Human Connection: Reflecting on the paths and patterns of human connection," 13th Participatory Design Conference: Reflecting Connectedness, Windhoek.

Academic Publications

2021: “Embodiments of love on the margins of Windhoek’s cinematic landscape,” Social Dynamics 47, no 1 (April 2021): 100-117.
2021: [with Gunkel, H] “Orientation Towards the Here and Now: Care and Presence in the work of Frieda Orupabo and Nkikura Oparah,” in HERE & NOW at Museum Ludwig: Dynamic Spaces, edited by Romina Dümler (Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz Konig, 2021). 
2021: “'Making Love:' Solidarity in Decolonial Times, in Changes in Direction, edited by Laura Horelli and Heidi Brunnschweiler (Berlin: Archive Books, 2021).
2020:“Ons Dala die Ding by Odalate Naiteke. The curative, performance and publicness in Katutura,” Journal of Namibian Studies: History Politics Culture 28 (December 2020): 65-89.
2020: with LaFleur, I, Fink, K; and Siegert, N., “A Conversation around Trauma, Healing and Things Not To Touch,” in Ghosts, spectres, revenants: Hauntology as a means to think and feel future, edited by Katharina Fink, Marie-Anne Kohl and Nadine Siegert (Bayreuth: Iwalewa Books, 2020). 
2020: “Black Boxes and White Cubes as Concentration Camps: Concerning Institutional Violence and Intergenerational Trauma,” in Echoes of a Place, edited by Jorge Munguía (Mexico City: Buró—Buró, 2020), 149-163.
2019: with researchers from Namibia, Cameroon, Togo, Tanzania, Burundi and Germany, “Documenting and Representing Legacies of Violence: (De)Coloniality?”, in German Colonial Heritage in Africa: Artistic and Cultural Perspectives (Goethe Sub-Saharan Africa, 2019).
2018: “When Applied Theatre is no Rehearsal for the Revolution,” in Writing Namibia: Literature in Transition, edited by Sarala Krishnamurthy and Helen Vale (Windhoek: Unam Press, 2018).

Essays, Reviews & Zines

2021: “Critical Visualities & Spatialities: Protest, Performance, Publicness and Praxis,” Namibian Journal of Social Justice 1 (2021): 193-205. [photo essay] 2021: “Moral and Ethical Questions on the Muafangejo Copyright Tragedy,” The Namibian, June 6, 2021.
2021: “Pleasure and Consent in Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Towards a Feminist Curriculum for Health Workers,” Sister Namibia, July 2021.
2020: “Thinking Love, Thinking African Queer Masculinities,” Sister Namibia, November 2020.
2020: “FIRE,” In Handle with Care [zine], (Iwalewa Books, 2020).
2019: with Koni Benson and Asher Gamedze, "Radical Histories II: Ottilie Abrahams Speaks," and "Mapping the Life Journey and Movements of Ottilie Abrahams: Revolutionary, Teacher, Feminist," In Owela: The Future of Work, edited by Kaleni Kollective, (Kaleni Kollectiv, 2019), 40-49. 
2019: Owela: The Future of Work (Kaleni Kollectiv, 2019).
2018: "What Feminism Means to Me," Monochrome Magazine, March 30, 2018.

Cultural and Research leadership

2021: Jury Member, Sound Connects Fund, Music in Africa Foundation.
2020 - 2021: Steering Committee Member, Museum Futures Africa. [a Pan-African project established to support the conceptual development of museums throughout the African continent.] 
2020 - 2021: National Expert, UNESCO/EU Intellectual Property and Local Content (IPLC Namibia) Initiative. [European Union and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in collaboration with the Directorate of Arts, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. This initiative has objectives of designing a measure to support local content production and revising a copyright legislation taking into account the digital environment.] 2018 and 2020: Curator, Operation Odalate Naiteke. [organising and curating radical learning and culture through performance, public art and trans-historic work in Katutura and Windhoek city at large.] 2015 - 2018: Project Manager, John Muafangejo Art Centre. [Curating exhibitions, organising residencies, workshops and studio programmes, cultural leadership and research. JMAC is a creative think tank focused on establishing collaborative methodologies in contemporary arts practice and forging expansive networks. Its vision is to promote and provide innovative and practical visual arts programs in Namibia to enable artists to grow to their full potential and prepare them for self-empowerment. Notable projects included curating a week-long John Muafangejo Season: Arts, Archivism & Activism (2016) and Katutura Ketu (2017) - a SADC collaborative project of critical creative engagement with artists and curators from Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.] 2011 - 2016: Writer/Columnist, The Weekender's “The Chanting Warrior column,” The Namibian. [socio-political and cultural commentary in the Namibian context] 2011 - 2012: Research Assistant, Scholarly Communication in Africa Programme (SCAP), University of Namibia, Windhoek. [Project was aimed at promoting open access paradigms as a means of making the scholarship of Sub-Saharan researchers more visible and was largely focused on the exploration of new affordable business models for open online scholarly publishing as well as the establishment of infrastructure such as repositories to promote open content sharing.]

Press & Interviews

Martha Mukaiwa, "Mushaandja's Rubber Tree Hits Zurich," The Namibian, 23 August, 2020.

"Jacques Mushaandja on Violent Art Institutions: Breaking Heteropatriarchy and Decoloniality," NamibInsider, 27 June, 2018.

"Life Goes On: Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja," Start Art Gallery, April 3, 2020. 

Greer Valley, "Decolonization can't just be a Metaphor," Africasacountry, November 12, 2019.


Watch Tshuku Tshuku's NANDJILA Video
Watch Tshuku Tshuku's Odalate Naiteke Video, featuring Jackson Wahengo
Watch Tshuku Tshuku's Ongovela Video, featuring Diolini

Kim Karabo Makin

Kim Karabo Makin

b. Gaborone, Botswana, 1994. Lives and works between Gaborone and Cape Town.

Kim Karabo Makin is a multidisciplinary artist and her practice combines sculpture, sound and installation, with a research base and unique spatial awareness. Her work is informed by her multiculturalism — with particular attention to the role that context plays in identity formation. Kim Karabo Makin is a founding member of the Botswana Pavilion, an artist collective interrogating Botswana’s creative identity. 


2019–present: Master of Fine Arts, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, Cape Town. 
2018: Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.

Group exhibitions

2020: Home is where the art is, Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town.
2020: The Mutha_Ship Landing, Salt River, Cape Town.
2020: The Botswana Pavilion: Collective Ties, Pro Helvetia Johannesburg [online exhibition].
2020: Past Present Currents, presented by Re-Curators for Latitudes Art Fair [online exhibition]. 
2020: Michaelis Masters Showcase, RMB Turbine Art Fair [online exhibition]. 
2019: Graduate Exhibition, RMB Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg.
2019: The Botswana Pavilion: Subjective Nationhood, Botswana National Art Gallery, Gaborone.
2019: The Botswana Pavilion: No Return, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town.
2019: Formally Known As, Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town.
2018: Grad Show 2018, Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town.
2018: 2018 Absa L’Atelier, ABSA Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
2018: The Devil Loves When We Loathe Ourselves, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town.
2017: The changing realities in which we live at UCT, Molly Blackburn, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.
2015: Return to Sender, Centre for African Studies (CAS) Gallery, University of Cape Town, Cape Town.


2020: Moderator, Collective Ties: methods for creative and cultural exchange in the region, British Council, Johannesburg. 
2020: Panelist, Culture, Tourism and the New Narrative, World Bank Art Program. 



Manfred Zylla

b. Augsburg, Germany, 1939. Lives between Munich & Cape Town

Manfred Zylla uses drawing, painting and printmaking to produce biting commentaries on global politics, economy and ecology. Working between the political situations of Germany and South Africa, Zylla has historically challenged capitalist-driven processes that forcefully re-render peoples’ relation to their own land, history and culture. 

Work created for various Handicap International campaigns

Art Education

1959 - 1960: Mostly self taught, student with Prof. Butz at the Art Academy in Augsburg, Germany
1957 - 1960: Apprenticeship as a lithographer in Augsburg, Germany.

Exhibitions (solo)

2017: Manfred Zylla: Fur Jeden Etwas, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2014: Prints & Drawings 1960 - 1990, Lanz 7 Gallery, Munich, Germany.
2014: I want to Swim a Thousand Miles, Erdmann Contemporary, South Africa.
2013: 120 Days of Sodom, Munich, Germany.
2012: In Retrospect, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein; William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley; Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
2010: Future Memories, Centro Luigi Di Sarro, Rome, Italy.
2010: Again and Again, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town. Future Memories, Centre Luigi Di Sarro, Rome.
2008: New Paintings, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2008: Faces of Saron, Suidoosterfees, Artscape.
2008: Portraits, Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees, Oudtshoorn, South Africa.
2007: Faces of Vredendal, Artscape, Cape Town.
2005: Work on Paper, Erdmann contemporary, Cape Town.
2004: Gallery Momo, Johannesburg.
2003: Interim, Munich. Obz Cafe, CapeTown.
1993: Dritte Welt Cafe, Munich; Ecke Gallery Kneipe, Augsburg.
1992: Glokenbachwerkstatt, Munich.
1991: Art des Foyer, Munich.
1990: Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
1986: Amnesty International, Munich.
1980: South African Association of Art, Cape Town.
1978: Kleine Schlossgalerie, Munich.
1975: Space, Cape Town.
1966: Ecke Stuben, Augsburg, Germany.
1965: Obere Stube, Ulm, Germany.

Group Exhibitions (South Africa)

2020:  Cafe Ganesh, Observatory, Cape Town.
2018: Once when we were free, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2016: Auf Wiedersehen is Not Good Bye, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2016:  Beyond Binaries, Essence Festival, Durban.
2015:  Co-Existence part II – Manfred Zylla, Garth Erasmus and Antonin Mares, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town (Click here for opening remarks).
2015:  Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town.
2015:  Breaking Surface, Galerie NOKO, Port Elizabeth.
2015:  The Industrial Karoo - Fear and Loss, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
2014:  The Industrial Karoo - Fear and Loss, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein.
2014:  The Trouble With Memory, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2013:  Crossing the Divide, ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town, South Africa
2013:  Re-Drawn Conclusion, ErdmannContemporary, Cape Town
2008:  Painful Earth, Gallery Momo, Johannesburg.
2007:  Artseasons, Franchhoek. 
2007: Riempie Vasmaak (with Garth Erasmus & Roderick Sauls), Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
1985:  Art for Peace, Baxter Theatre Gallery (organised by End Conscription Campaign).
1984  (With Paul Grendon), South African Association of Art, Cape Town.
1980:  Biennale, Cape Town.

Group Exhibitions (International)

2015:  Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China.
2014:  The Secret Garden, Museo di Villa Vecchia, Rome, Italy.
2014:  Twenty: Contemporary South African Art, The Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA.
2013:  Zylla & Erasmus, EineWeltHaus, Munich, Germany.
2009: (with Garth Erasmus) Fernwarme Kapstadt, BBK Ulm, Germany. Havanna Biennale, Cuba.
1997 - 2000: Various exhibitions with Handicap International in Munich, Berlin and Augsburg. Designed the Handicap Bus Exhibitions with Sans Papiers.
1993: Art Against Racism, Dritte Welt Cafe, Munich.
1989: South African Anti-Apartheid Festival, Amsterdam.
1987: South African Conference on Literature, Bad Boll, Germany.
1986: 120 Hours Action, Kunstakademie, Munich.
1983: Krieg und Frieden, Bremen, Germany.
1982: Culture and Resistance, Gaberone, Botswana.
1965: Anti-Vietnam War, travelling exhibition through Germany (organised by Workers Union).
1964: Socialistic Realism (from West and East Germany), Augsburg, Germany.
1961: Junge Westen, Recklinghausen, Germany.
1960 - 1962: Spring and Autumn Exhibition, Artists’ Union, Augsburg, Germany.


2010: As Is (with Garth Erasmus, Roderick Sauls and Niklas Zimmer), Breytenbachsentrum, Wellington.
2002: (With Charles Bhebe) Mural at Eine Welt Haus, Muenchen. Revised in 2009 (with Garth Erasmus).Numerous performances as a musician.
2002: Voices in Transit, drawings of refugees at Cape Town train station for Cape Town Festival.
1992: Stand Up For Tolerance, billboard action paintings, Muenchen.
1991: Ozone, billboard action paintings, Muenchen.
1990: Puzzle Action (organised by South African Scholarship Fund), Tuebingen, Germany.
1982: Interaction, CAP, Cape Town.Other experience
1961 - 1970: Worked as a lithographer in various parts of Germany, landscape painter and print maker, mainly in the medium of wood.
1974 - 1985: Worked as a lithographer and educator at Hirt and Carter in Cape Town.
1981 - 1986: Teacher and organizer at the Community Arts Project, Cape Town.
1981 - 1984 Taught photographic image in print making at Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Publications (Books, newspapers, journals)

2009: "Manfred Zylla, Interaction," Critical Interventions: Journal of African art history and visual culture, numbers 3/4 Spring: pp. 206-222.
1989: Sue Williamson, Resistance Art in South Africa (Cape Town: David Philip).
1988: G. Ogilvie, The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors (Johannesburg: Everard Read). Staffrider, Contrast, Cape Times, Weekly Mail, ADA, Varsity, Vula, Tendenzen, Zeitschrift fuer Kulturaustauch Dritte Welt (IKA), Anti-Imperialistic Bulletin (Germany), The Guardian (New York), Tri-Quarterly (USA). Collections Iziko SANG, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Bredasdorp Municipal Collection, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Archiv, Augsburg, Germany; University of Botswana, Botswana.

Private Collections

England, Switzerland, Germany, America, South Africa.


Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus

b. 1956, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Lives in Brackenfell, Cape Town.

Visual artist and musician best known for his innovative use of materials, Garth Erasmus has extensive experience as a facilitator and teacher. Garth Erasmus unsettles the hegemonic, exclusionary constructions of African and coloured identity through introspective explorations of his decolonial identity, frequently presented on an intimate scale.

South African artists:What’s next? Episode 2: Garth Erasmus Pierre Tremblay 2011

“South African artists: What’s next ?” Episode 2: Garth Erasmus from Pierre Tremblay on Vimeo.


Art Education

1978-80: Diploma in Fine Art , Rhodes University.
1975-77: Art Teaching Diploma, Hewat College of Education.

Workshops & residencies

2020: GUS Gallery, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch.
2020: Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (STIAS), Stellenbosch.
2015: University of Delaware USA in collaboration with Nemours (Alfred DuPont Children`s Hospital), Delaware.
2013: Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany. 
2004: BELLAGIO Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy.
2004: Thupelo Workshop, Cape Town.
2003: E-POS: Belgium-South Africa exchange project, Caversham Artists Press, KwaZulu-Natal.
2003: Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
2002-2003: Prohelvetia Cultural Exchange Programme, Solothurn, Switzerland.
1999: Cyfuniad International Artists Workshop, Plas Caerdeon, Wales.
1995: OMI International Artists Workshop, Hudson, New York.
1992-2000: Thupelo Workshop, Cape Town.
1985: Triangle International Artists Workshop, Pine Plains, New York.

Solo Exhibitions

2006: South African Paintings, The White Space Gallery, Axminster, UK.
2005: Evangelis/Soapbox (Performance), Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2001: Looking for Dia!kwain, Greatmore Street Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
1985: Map for Freedom Fighter, Harris Brown Gallery, Boston. USA

Group Exhibitions (local)

2020: Cafe Ganesh, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.
2020: Something in Return, online exhibition.
2018: A Community of Families, Nelson Mandela University Gallery, Port Elizabeth.
2017: Beyond Binaries, KZNSA Gallery, Durban.
2016: Beyond Binaries, Essence Festival, Durban.
2015: Co-Existence, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2011: AVA Retrospective exhibition: 1970 - 1990, Association of Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2010: As Is, Breytenbachsentrum, Wellington, South Africa.
2008: Manfred Zylla and Garth Erasmus, Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town.
2007: ReCenter, Look Out Hill, Khayelitsha.
2007: Africa South, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2007: Riempie Vasmaak, Heidi Erdmann Gallery, Cape Town.
2006: Strange Attractors: Gary Frier and Garth Erasmus, Alliance Francais Du Cap Gallery, Cape Town.
2006: Movement, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
2006: Amajitas in Conversation, Association for the Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2005: Botaki Exhibition 3, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Pinelands, Cape Town.
2005: The Meermin Slave's Dream: Garth Erasmus and Malika Ndlovu, Slave Lodge Museum, Cape Town.
2005: The First Decade, Art b Gallery, Bellville, Cape Town.
2004: Botaki Exhibition 1, Old Mutual Asset Managers, Pinelands, Cape Town.
2002: The Mythic Image, Rust & Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, Cape Town.
2002: Sara Baartman Memorial Exhibition, Civic Centre, Cape Town.
2001: Cycle of Fives, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2000: Opening Exhibition, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
1999: Parliament of World Religions, Civic Centre, Cape Town.
1999 Art Dialogue, The Castle, Cape Town.
1997: Die Ses, District Six Museum, Cape Town. 
1997: Trans Figurative, Association for the Visual Arts, Cape Town.
1996: David Koloane and Garth Erasmus, Artfirst Gallery, London.
1995: The Modernist Eye in Africa, Newtown Gallery, Johannesburg.
1991: Victor Petersen, Garth Erasmus, Linston Erasmus & Johann Davids, Centre for African Studies, UCT.
1982-1991: Vakalisa Arts Group, various township libraries and community centres, Western Cape.
1987: The Neglected Tradition, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
1978: Victor Petersen & Garth Erasmus, St George’s Gallery, Port Elizabeth.

Group exhibitions (international)

2016: Resoundings, Mechanical Hall, University of Delaware, Delaware.
2013: Manfred Zylla and Garth Erasmus, Lanzstrasse Gallery, Munich.
2013: African Cosmos: Stellar Arts, Smithsonian Museum of African Art, Washington DC.
2009: Ferne Werme, Kunstlerhaus Neue Ulm, Ulm, Germany.
2008: Body of Evidence, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
2007: Inscribing Meaning: Writing + Graphic Systems in African Art, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
2003: Healing the feeling and 30 Days: Garth Erasmus and Ben Arnold, Altes Spital, Solothurn, Switzerland.
2002: Confronting the Contemporary, Smithsonian Museum of African Art, Washington.
2000: Cross Currents: Contemporary Art Practice in South Africa, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset, UK.
1999: Art Dialogue: South Africa-Germany, B Block, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
1999:  Reclaiming Art/Reclaiming Space: Post Apartheid Art from South Africa, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
1997: South African Arborescence: End of the Century’s Artists, Nantes Festival of Art, France.
1996: David Koloane & Garth Erasmus, Artfirst Gallery, London. 
1996: Seven Artists from the New South Africa, Asaki Bomani Gallery, San Francisco.
1990: Freedom Now, Namibian Independence exhibition, Windhoek, Namibia.

Selected Performances

2018: Khoi'npsalms, Francois Blom, Garth Erasmus and Marietjie Pauw, Woordfees Festival, Stellenbosch.
2018: Ons is Almal Freaks Hier, theater piece dedicated to Sara Baartman, Stellenbosch University Museum.
2018: Dis Haus der Herabfallenden Knochen (The House of Falling Bones), Kante and Khoi Khonnexion musical theatre collaboration and performances, Hamburg Avante Garde Festival, Hamburg; KAMPNAGEL, Hamburg; Zurcher Theater Spektakel Feastival, Zurich.
2019: Dis Haus der Herabfallenden Knochen (The House of Falling Bones), Kante and Khoi Khonnexion musical theatre collaboration and performances, FFT-FFT Theater Dusseldorf; Munchner Kammerspiele Munich.
2015: Roesdorp, Marietjie Pauw and Garth Erasmus, Rupert Museum, Stellenbosch.
2012: Love Is… by Jacki Job, St. Philip’s Church, Cape Town.
2011: Two as One, Market Theatre, Johannesburg.
2011: Two as One, Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.
2009: CAPE 09 (Cape Town Biennale), A Walk Into the Night by Marlon Griffith, Company Gardens, Cape Town.
2008: Suidoosterfees, Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.
2005: EVANGELIS / SOAPBOX PERFORMANCE,  Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2005: ITOKO, Zonnebloem School, Cape Town.
2004: Sound construction for the Vuka Awards ceremony with performances by Malika Ndlovu and Tina Schauw, Johannesburg.
2004: The Kiss by Jacki Job, choreographed and performed by Jacki Job with music by Garth Erasmus, Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.
2003: Healing the Feeling, Altes Spiral, Solothurn, Switzerland.
2003: Seven Flowers, The Wharehouse Theatre, Cape Town.
2003: This Side Up by Jacki Job with Hurgen Cornelson, Arena Theatre, Artscape, Cape Town.
2003: Journey by Garth Erasmus & Thandile Mandela with Muse String Quartet, Cape Town International Convention Centre. 
2003: Crossing the Water Changing the Air by Ingrid Askew, Erin Hall, Cape Town.
2003: Viral Retro, Greatmore Street Studios, Cape Town.
2002: An Evening of Love and Erotica, All Nations Cafe, Cape Town.
2002: Wet Carpets, District Six Museum, Cape Town.
2002: Sara Baartman Memorial Concert, Civic Centre, Cape Town.
2002: Urban Voices 2002, Garth Erasmus and Malika Ndlovu, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town.
2002: Eagles Speak, Association for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town.
2002: The Mythic Image, Rust & Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, Cape Town.
2002: Weave, The Whale Well, Cape Town Festival, South African Museum, Cape Town.
2001: Looking for Dia!Kwain, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2001: Khoi Khonnexion, Viz-Ability Festival, Artscape Theatre, Cape Town.
2000: Khoi Khonnexion, Klein Karoo Kunsfees, Oudtshoorn.


National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, USA.
Mobil, RSA.
Numerous private collections.


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1985: Triangle International Artists Workshop. 

Publications (reviews and features)

2009: Ogbechie, S. (ed.) Critical Interventions: Journal of African art history and visual culture. numbers 3, volume 4.
2006: Art South Africa, vol 4, issue 3.
2005: Art South Africa vol 4, issue 2.
2004: Julia Landau (ed), Journey to myself, writing from South African women in prison, Cover design by Garth Erasmus.
2003: ROOTZ Magazine. Interview and article. December issue.
2002: African Arts, UCLA, USA.
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1992: The Kalahari Review [cover & drawings], Kalahari Press, Washington DC, USA. 
1991: Bad Alchemy [music magazine], Germany (April).
1985-1992: Vakalisa Art Group [calendars].

Publications (CD's, cassettes and videos)

2010: Cape Town Soup, A film by Marieke Helmus, Femke Monteny & Yoka Van Zuijlen, Music by AS IS.
2010: A Country Imagined, Episode 2: Northern Cape, Documentary on SABC TV2 , Presented by Johnny Clegg. 
2009: Music for I Am Not Yet Dead, Documentary film on Manfred Zylla, Directed by Philippa Ndisi-Hermann.
2009: Kalahari Waits by Khoi Khonnexion and co-produced by Nate May and KHOI Khoi Khonnexion.
2008: Interview and music for Shosholoza Express, Documentary film directed by Beatrice Moeller (Germany)
2005: Butterflies are Beautiful, Documentary by Julia Landau
2004: Healing the feeling, wit th Werne Feller and Christian Guy Tschannen.
2004: Induction Trance: Khoisan Bow music compositions
2004: Freedom is a personal journey. A documentary film by Akiedah Mohamed.
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2000: Greatmore Chickenfish [CD with Manfred Zylla & Emile Maurice], self-published.
1999: Cyunfiad International Artists Workshop, Wales
1991: Bad Alchemy [cassette], Germany (April)

Awards/ Grants

1998: National Arts Council
1985: Travel & project grants from the United States – South Africa Leadership Exchange Program.

Positions held

2015-16: Artist coordinator, Palestine Museum, Cape Town
2009-11: Chairperson, Africa South Artists Initiative.            
2007: Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR). Art Workshop coordinator / mentor Upington, Northern Cape.
2007: Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR). Art Workshop coordinator / mentor Lwandle Museum, Somerset West. Cape Town.
2006: Guest Art teacher at 7 schools in Devonshire, UK.
2003: Guest Art Teacher, 10 schools, Devonshire, UK.
2002-3: Guest teacher, Spring School, Robben Island Museum, Cape Town.
2000: Assistant Curator, District Six Museum, Cape Town.
1999: Guest teacher, Calder Kids Adventure Playground (for disabled children), Liverpool, UK.
1982-97: Art teacher, Zonneblom Children’s Art Centre.
1982-92: Guest teacher at Community Arts Project.

Positions held (voluntary)

2012-2020:  Board Member, Greatmore Street Artists Studios, Cape Town.
1999-2001: Committee Member, Greatmore Street Artists Studios, Cape Town.
1985-2000: Executive Member, Thupelo artists Workshop, Johannesburg & Cape Town.
1991-92: Assistant Co-ordinator, Community Reflections, Cape Town.
1983-87: Assistant Co-ordinator, Vakalisa Artists Group, Cape Town.

Dathini Mzayiya

b. Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 1979. Lives in Cape Town.

Dathini Mzayiya skillfully blends drawing and painting in his striking renditions of everyday subjects.

Portrait of a Revolutionary edited by Nadine Cloete For African Noise Foundation. 

Umfanekiso ( Reflections)
Filmed by Dathini Mzayiya, edited by Caleb Heymann South Africa for the One Minute Video Festival.2008


2001: Community Arts Project, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.
2000: Graphic Design and Advertising, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town.
1999 Advertising and Marketing, Advertising College of South Africa, Cape Town.

Workshops & residencies

2015: Studio 147 Residency, Cape Town.
2009: Glenfiddich Artist in Residence, Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland.
2007: Arts and Media Access Centre (AMAC) students Workshop by City Skin design, Table Mountain, Cape Town.
2006: National Heritage Council, African Art Museum, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.
2006: Umsi (The smoke) painting workshop, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21 under UNESCO, Inda Gymnasium, Aachen, Germany.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21 at the train station, Aachen-Schanz, Germany.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Khayelitsha Training Centre, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Swop painting workshop with students from Mitchells Plain, Manneneberg and Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2005: Mural Global Agenda 21, Painting workshop with AIDS-affected children from the Fikelela Children’s Home, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2004: Thupelo Workshop, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2002: Thupelo Artists Workshop, Annexe, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2002: Ukuzoba (To draw): From Representational Painting to Abstraction, Community Arts Project, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2002: Ukuzoba (To draw) public workshops, Baden, Austria; Villach, Switzerland, and Berlin (with Trish Lovemore and Boyce Magandela)
2002: Mural painting workshop, Nomlingaliselo Primary School, New Crossroads, Cape Town (with Sipho Hlathi, Lonwabo Kilani and Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi).

Solo exhibitions

2013: Onder die Reenboog Strale, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
2005: Pop-up exhibition, BBK Gallery, Aachen.

Group exhibitions

2020: Untitled 24.09, Gallery Fanon, Johannesburg.
2019: Kulcha Festival, St John’s College, Johannesburg.
2017: Athlone in Mind, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town. 
2018: Still Life and Life Drawings: A Moment Captured or Preserved?, Iziko South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2016: The Art of Humanity, The Pratt Institute, New York.
2016: People You May Know, Factory of the Arts, Cape Town.
2016: #SITDITAF, North West University Gallery, Mafikeng.
2015: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Rome.
2015: Map of the New Art, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice. 
2014: Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity, Treviso.
2011: Kadafi, The Bag Factory, Johannesburg.
2010: The Glenffidich Artist in Residence, The Rainbow Experience Gallery, Mandela Rhodes Place, Cape Town.
2010: Nothing is Everything, Word of Art, Woodstock Industrial Centre, Cape Town.
2010: Ityala aliboli/Debt don’t rot, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.
2010: Milestones, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2010: 30 x 30 artists, Gill Allderman Gallery, Kenilworth, Cape Town.
2010: Botaki, Albany Museum, Grahamstown; Mecufe Festival, Bloemfontein.
2009: Umahluko Cape ’09, Lookout Hill, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
2009: Dada South, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Untitled exhibition, Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland.
2008: Milk Can Art , 34 Long Street Art Gallery, Cape Town.
2008: Winter Open Studio, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town.
2007: Africa South, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2007: Nine South African Artists, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
2006: Umsi/Smoke, AVA, Cape Town.
2006: Nine South African Artists, Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa.
2005: Atelier Haus Aachen Gallery (with Thulani Shuku), Aachen, Germany; Austria and Switzerland.
2004: Artwork Project, Chat Room Communication and Marketing, Cape Town.
2004: Studio exhibition (with Thulani Shuku), Mowbray, Cape Town.
2004: Live Action Painting on Canvas, Cape Town Festival, Company’s Gardens, Cape Town.
2003: Art Angels, Gardens Presbyterian Church, Gardens, Cape Town.
2003: Angels without Wings, Cape Of Good Hope Castle, Cape Town.
2003: Vision, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.
2003: Workshop exhibitions (with Boyce Magandela and Trish Lovemore), Maria: Wörth, Reifnitz, Lienz and Kitzbuhel, Austria.
2002: Absolut Secret 7: Absolut Voyeur, AVA, Cape Town.
2002: Members exhibition, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
2002: Galerie Halde 14, Balden, Switzerland.
2002: Why Cry?, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock.
2002: Ukozoba (To draw) workshop exhibition, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2002: Thupelo workshop exhibition, Iziko South African National Gallery (Annexe), Cape Town.
2001: Afro metamorphosis’, Community Arts Project (CAP), Cape Town.

Gugulective Exhibitions

2014: Gugulective Arts Collective exhibition during Creative Week 2014, KwaMlamli’s Place, Gugulethu, Cape Town.
2010: 1910-2010: From Pierneef to Gugulective, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town.
2009: Subversion, Gugulective Arts Collective exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.
2008: South Africa Performs, HAU Theatre, Berlin (As part of Gugulective Arts Collective and with other global collectives)
2007: Akuchanywa Apha (No pissing), Gugulective, KwaMlamli’s Place, Guguletu; Blank Projects, Cape Town.


Youth Veteran Award from Khayelitsha Youth Development Forum (KYDF), Cape Town.


Foreign Press Centre, Cape Town
Chris Barnard Heart Centre, UCT
Villach Town Hall, Austria
Private collections in South Africa and Europe

Ben Verghese, Dathini Mzayiya: Letting the music take him, (ASAI, 2020).

Mario Pissarra, Dathini Mzayiya: Umsi, (ASAI, 2006).